Why is Kate mad at Tully in Firefly Lane season 2?

‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 sees the two best friends for life finally contending with a falling out that proves to be more severe and bitter than ever before. Here’s how the inseparable buddies drifted apart.

Kate and Tully’s friendship has been at the centre of ‘Firefly Lane’ since the beginning, providing the narrative with all kinds of emotions and developments.

While it’s not all merry and gay in the two characters’ life-long friendship, their connection remains steadfast throughout their lives. From thick and thin, Kate and Tully have navigated the waters together.

There have been many points in the course of their friendship when these BFFs found themselves at odds with each other. Sometimes the falling out lasted for a while, and sometimes they took no time to patch up.

However, the most serious rift in their relationship comes when they’re both in their 40s, and this one proves to be the hardest time apart for both women.

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The cause

Marah is gay and usually keeps quiet about anything related to her love life in front of her mother. Kate is always over-eager to show she’s so accepting of her daughter’s homosexuality that she ends up embarrassing her.

Turning to Tully for any girl talk is easier for Marah than having to endure her well-meaning but cringeworthy mom. Marah spends time with Tully at her home the night a tragedy strikes the two of them.

Marah has taken a liking for a girl who doesn’t have a great track record of reciprocating the same feelings of longing for Marah. Tully keeps telling Marah to take it slow and not be overtly eager in front of the girl.

However, Marah doesn’t see herself as quite the catch that Tully thinks of her as. One night at Tully’s residence, Marah is invited by the girl to go watch a movie, and Tully eventually agrees to let her go.

However, the girl took Marah to a frat party instead, in order to make her boyfriend jealous. She then left Marah at the party where a boy made inappropriate advances to her.

Terrified, she shut herself inside a closet and called Tully to come to pick her up. Tully gets instantly scared and is reminded of a similar horrifying experience she had during her teenage years.

Inebriated, although still able enough to drive properly, Tully took off in her car and rescued Marah from the awful situation. However, on their way back, another car crashes into them, leaving both injured.

However, Marah suffers a worse case of injuries and when Tully regains consciousness and recovers at the hospital, Marah’s condition is still rather bad.

The effect

Kate is immensely mad at Tully and more than that she’s disappointed. Her daughter is in the hospital and she deems Tully the sole proprietor of this situation.

Right after she wakes up, Tully is met by a police officer and later arrested for the charges. She goes to talk to Kate and Johnny but all they give her are furious glares.

kate and tully firefly lane
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Tully tries her best to establish contact with Kate and tell her side of the story. However, Kate keeps turning her ears the other way, not responding to a single voicemail Tully leaves for her.

Tully also knocks on her door to meet her face-to-face and tell her the whole truth but Kate wants to have none of it. Tully eventually meets her and apologises, but Kate can’t find it in herself to forgive her just yet, given how precarious of a situation her daughter was in.

The aftermath

Following this rift, the two friends drift apart while still missing each other’s company dearly. They are evidently aching to meet each other again and share with each other their daily affairs.

Tully only has Kate in her life to call her own. While Cloud has been on rather good terms with her daughter, Tully has so much shared history and experiences with Kate that she no one else can substitute her.

While Tully wallows in her lonesomeness, she prepares to depart for Antarctica for a project and rejuvenate her career. However, it’s mostly so that she can distract herself from the agony of her isolation.

As Tully departs for another continent, Kate learns that she has an aggressive form of cancer. She has no one to share these details with and all the burden of this existential threat is all hers to carry for the time being.

She wants to meet her best friend again and talk to her but when she goes to meet her, Tully has already left her apartment. The first part of ‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 ends with Kate and Tully suffering their lives apart from each other.

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