Why was Dwight Manfredi sent to prison in Tulsa King?

In Tulsa King, Dwight “The General” Manfredi completes a 25-year sentence in prison and is sent to Tulsa to set up a Mafia presence. Now the circumstances of his arrest are finally revealed.

When Dwight is released from prison, he visits Pete Invernizzi expecting to be rewarded for his sacrifice and unyielding loyalty but instead, he receives a banishment in the disguise of opportunity.

He is sent to Tulsa to set up roots for the family and he doesn’t take this decision too well. When Stacy first looks up his record, she learns that he was attacked in prison and survived and that the authorities tried to flip him 9 times but he resisted throughout.

After meeting Armand, Dwight finds out that the attack on him in prison was orchestrated by the family because they worried that he would become a rat.

On his first date with Margaret, he tells her that he killed a man but he was doing him a favor because he was in a burning building.

Taking the fall

Chickie was his impulsive, raging self back in 1997 as well and Vince was around to back him up. They were beating up this man named Ripple and accusing him of trying to pull one over Chickie.

Armand was present too and he tried to stop them from going too far but they shoved him away. He calls Dwight and gives him the address so that he can come in and stop it.

Chickie takes a soldiering iron and brands Ripple on the face just as Dwight shows up and knocks the iron from his hand. He asks for the keys to the cuffs restraining Ripple but Chickie and Vince cannot find them.

Why was Dwight Manfredi sent to prison in Tulsa King? 1
Dwight menacingly stares at Chickie as Chickie runs away

Meanwhile, the iron lights up some old pieces of paper and they pull down a curtain to put it out but it only enrages the fire. Dwight tells the others to get away and tries shooting the cuffs but to no avail.

He then looks Ripple straight in the eye and tells him that he’s giving him a quick death and not letting him burn alive before shooting him in the head.

He walks out just as the police arrive and they take him in for murder.

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