Tulsa King season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Happy Trails

In episode 9 of Tulsa King, Dwight gets his crew ready for an oncoming war and cuts ties with Chickie to start his own mafia family. The episode is streaming on Paramount+.


In 1997, Chickie and Vince handcuffed a man to a radiator in an abandoned building and beat him up for trying to cheat Chickie. Armand was also present and he called Dwight to come in and stop them.

Chickie brands the man with a soldiering iron and after Dwight gets him to stop, the place catches on fire and Dwight sends them all away and takes the fall for the man’s death.

Back in the present, Dwight is being questioned by the ATF and FBI agents when a man walks in claiming to be Dwight’s lawyer, and gets him out there. He tells Dwight that Bodhi sent him to help out.

He immediately visits Stacy in the hospital and tells her that he will take down Caolan for what he did. Caolan tells all of his men to lay low for a while until they get ready to strike back and get rid of Dwight once and for all.

Armand tells Dwight that Chickie is in town with Goodie and Vince. Dwight asks Armand if he wants to lay low for the meeting but Armand says he’s done hiding like a coward.

Dwight pays Chickie a visit and tells him that he’s leaving the family to start their own. He tells Goodie that it’s better that he stay back in Tulsa rather than work for Chickie because he’s a hothead.

Goodie chooses to go with Dwight and at the Bred 2 Buck, “The General” gives his men a rousing speech about vanquishing their enemies. Bodhi gets a visit from Dwight who tells him about the money that Caolan is holding.

He tells him that the laptop is with the ATF but that is not an issue for Bodhi who steals the funds quite easily. Caolan loses his mind about all the money he just lost.

Mitch speaks to his father about how he trusts Dwight about whatever is happening next and knew from the first time that he walked into the bar that he would save his life.

Dwight sends a thumb drive to Stacy which gives her access to an account with 1 million in it as an apology of sorts. Caolan and his men attack the bar but they walk into an ambush. Dwight and his men gain the upper hand as Dwight puts a bullet through Caolan’s head.

Three months later, the Bred 2 Buck is reopening as a cabaret and casino. Business is booming and Tina is in town with her children to reconnect with her father and let him see his grandchildren.

Stacy is reinstated to her position on one condition. That night at the opening, she baits Dwight out of the bar where the authorities arrest him on charges of bribing a government agent. Tina walks out just as Dwight is being taken away and he apologizes that this is happening again.


  • This series has choreographed and scored its fight sequences exceptionally well and this one is no different. Caolan and Dwight’s men going to war to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins was an inspired decision.
  • Sylvester Stallone continues showcasing his ability with some inspired monologues and this episode has the speech to beat them all. He’s provided with a sturdy script and he delivers it with class.
  • The time jump to 3 months later was a little bit surprising but given how the scene progresses from there, the ending ended up being quite predictable.
Tulsa King season 1 episode 9
Tulsa King season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Happy Trails 1

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