Why do they burn the Therapist’s house down in Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

John and Jane visit a couple’s therapist to fix the issues in their relationship in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The Therapist, played by Sarah Paulsen, lives in a lavish home that she is constantly hyping up during John and Jane’s visits.

Following their argument at the end of the mission in Italy, the couple decides to visit a therapist to see if they can get shine some light on their problems.

John and Jane maintain the facade of being software engineers who work together and do their best to explain their issues without revealing the truth.

John accuses Jane of treating him like a child who doesn’t know how to do his job properly and Jane stands by her decisions because she cannot rely on him at times.

Jane mentions how John laughed at her when she used a catchphrase before killing a target, and how she felt insulted by that reaction.

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The Therapist gives them some exercises to help them work on their relationship and also narrates a strange anecdote that confuses John and Jane.

During their second visit a week later, John says that he tried to take charge of a project, but Jane eventually undermined his authority.

They discuss the problematic views that John shared during the mission where he was infiltrating a group of dangerous individuals.

Every time the Therapist talks about her house, she has some elaborate footnotes to add about its history.

She also adds peculiar experiences of her own that do not necessarily add anything of value to the sessions.

By the third meeting, John and Jane’s relationship has completely broken down. They were just coming off a mission in the woods when they experienced their second failure.

The Therapist suggests that their job is what is causing the majority of the turmoil in their life, and they should consider taking a break from work for a while.

As they are leaving her house, the Therapist hands them a USB and explains that it has the recordings of their sessions.

She states that she has cameras and microphones hidden around the room and the footage helps analyze a couple’s body language and understand their dynamic better.

Realizing that this footage could be compromising to them, John and Jane start a fire in her house as they leave.

Why do they burn the Therapist's house down in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? 1
John and Jane resort to arson to protect their identities

They make a collective decision not to try therapy again, while the Therapist frantically calls the fire department in the hopes of saving the house she loves so much.

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