Who Killed Sara? season 3 summary and ending explained

The final season of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ brings up a stunning revelation that Sara might still be alive and it is up to Alex to follow the clues and find out more about her psychiatric treatment. Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sara’s coffin is being lifted while Alex and Rodolfo watch on alongside a detective. Once the coffin is opened, it is revealed that Sara’s body isn’t there. This confirms Alex’s suspicions that his sister is still alive.

A few days earlier, Alex receives a call about Marifer. They show up at a private medical facility where an elderly nurse tells them that Marifer is in pain and would like to see some familiar faces.

Alex and Elisa meet her inside but cannot spend too much time there. Marifer lets Alex know that there is a connection between Nicandro and Dr Alanis that he needs to dig into. Once they get back home, Alex tries to figure out what Marifer was referring to.

Rodolfo shows up to ask Alex for his help. He wants to locate his father because all the Lazcano accounts are frozen and Cesar is living his life in hiding. Alex tells him that he’s not sure how to find him but he’ll try.

After Dr Alanis turns out to be a dead-end, Alex goes to question Nicandro but still comes out with no leads. In prison, Chema is being harassed and tries to get a message out asking for help.

In the past, Nicandro’s father, Dr Reinaldo, talks about his revolutionary treatments that will change the world. It was he who facilitated the faking of Sara’s death because she was key to his medical experiments.

Alex can locate Cesar with Rodolfo’s help and steals all the money from his account to draw him out. Cesar takes the bait and heads back to Mexico.

Meanwhile, Mariana is dealing with the fallout of her husband’s misdeeds and the casino burning down as all her assets are being seized. A girl who closely resembles Sara shows up at Alex’s doorstep. They conclude that she has to be Sara’s daughter.

Cesar shows up at Alex’s house to ask about his money when Nicandro shows up with a few gunmen to bring back Sara’s daughter. Alex drives away with the girl, who says her name is Lucia, named after her grandmother.

Lucia is captured by the gunmen but not before Nicandro loses his life in an accident while Alex is shot and left fighting for his life.

Through glimpses of the past, it is explained how Sara was picked out because of an inherited disorder and how Dr Reinaldo orchestrated her entire life so that he can get a chance to experiment on her and find a cure for Schizophrenia. He also runs experiments on his daughter to cure homosexuality, which he believes to be unnatural.

Sara even tries to push back against her treatment and goes to the press to expose Reinalodo’s methods but she is unsuccessful.

Cesar goes to visit Alex in the hospital and tells him that he knows where Reinaldo’s facility is located, the same one that Lucia and Sara were taken to. Chema has been freed from prison thanks to some help, but his experience inside left him with some trauma and he goes to his mother for help.

She sends him to Reinaldo’s facility where he undergoes harsh therapy to “rid” him of his homosexuality. Cesar pays a visit to Tonya who served as Reinaldo’s right hand and would probably know where Sara is being kept.

Alex wishes to speak with Tonya alone and sends Cesar, Elisa and Rodolfo away. She agrees to tell him the truth about his sister and where she is right now.

IF you have any doubts about the ending, here is a detailed explanation.

Who Killed Sara? season 3 ending explained in detail (Episode 7: What did you do, Sara?):

In search of vengeance and more

Sara is being interviewed by Reinaldo and she tells him of her dreams of one day being far away from him and this facility. Reinaldo is presenting a video of his work with Sara to a room full of people, promoting his progress in treating schizophrenia and homosexuality.

Back in the present, Alex is rushing to the very same facility with Rodolfo and Elisa closely following him.

Chema is undergoing even more harsh treatment and Reinaldo tells him that he has one last test that will cure him. He brings a woman to whom he has to make love.

Alex storms the facility and subdues the guards and staff with Rodolfo and Elisa’s help. He then goes in search of Reinaldo.

Putting an end to the experiments

Reinaldo and Alex come face to face in a hallway. Reinaldo tells him that if he is killed, then Alex will never know what happened to Sara. Alex shoots Reinaldo in the leg and wounds him.

Chema and Daniella show up right then. Alex tells them both to go out where Elisa and Rodolfo are waiting so that they can all escape. Cesar shows up and tells the others that he will go in after Alex.

Alex catches up to Reinaldo and hooks him to the shock chair. Reinaldo tries to talk himself out but Alex says that it’s no use. He reveals that Tonya told him the truth, that Sara was tired of all the treatments and committed suicide.

The only thing on Alex’s mind is ending Reinaldo’s life.

Resolving the problem at unfortunate costs

Cesar tells Alex that he can keep the money that he stole as long as he shares it with the other Lazcano children. One of the guards escapes and when Rodolfo tries to subdue him, he is shot.

The police arrive and Cesar confesses to being responsible for everything, even the past crimes that Chema and Alex were accused of. He is sentenced to 40 years in prison after which we are shown that Cesar was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only has a few months to live.

Mariana ends up at a monastery where she still punishes herself for her son’s alleged sins as a homosexual. Alex lets the police know of the burial ground where Sara and all of Dr Reinaldo’s other subjects were laid to rest.

He can finally live a peaceful life along with Elisa, his niece Lucia, and Chema.

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