Who Killed Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building season 2?

The mystery of Bunny Folger’s murder is revealed in the final episode of Only Murders in the Building season 2, with Charles, Mabel and Oliver finally clearing their names.

With the discovery of some damning evidence, Charles, Mabel and Oliver feel confident enough to host a party where they reveal the true identity of Bunny’s killer. They do that with just the right amount of flair and pageantry.

Finding out weaknesses

After Mabel’s conversation with Detective Kreps, Cinda Canning becomes the lead suspect in their investigation of Bunny’s murder. Based on what Poppy told her, she believes that Cinda fabricated the crimes as fuel for her podcasts.

Who Killed Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building season 2? 1
Poppy shares what she knows about Cinda.

The trio meet with Poppy to find out what makes Cinda tick, and what unsettles her. They take a note of all this information so that they can use it to interrogate Cinda and get a confession out of her.

Meanwhile, Mabel gets a call from Detective Williams about the DNA results of the murder weapon. The information she receives cracks the case wide open.

A must-watch live stream

The trio invite other residents of the Arconia to Bunny’s apartment for a ‘Killer Reveal Party’ and fill them in on what they know and the plan for the night.

They’re later joined by Cinda and Poppy who have come along with their own equipment expecting Mabel to confess to the murder. Even Alice is invited to this little shindig and shows up a little time after Cinda.

The trio begin narrating their understanding of the facts, stating how Cinda created a mystery for her first hit podcast so she can go to any lengths to make sure she wouldn’t end up a one-hit-wonder.

Just as they begin turning the screws, Mabel realizes that it wasn’t Cinda who killed Bunny. Charles and Oliver question why she’s straying from the plan as Mabel accuses Alice of being the real killer.

Who Killed Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building season 2? 2
Mabel briefly points the finger at Alice.

She says that Alice was trying to make art using Mabel’s tragedy and framing her would be the perfect way to raise its profile. Mabel also claims that it was her that met Bunny in the diner and asked for the Rose Cooper painting but when Bunny quoted her a steep price of 14 million, she decided to get it for free by killing her.

Alice loses it, grabs a knife and tries to stab Mabel but Charles pushes out of her way and gets stabbed instead as the others restrain Alice. Oliver and Mabel sit by Charles’ side as he begins to lose blood and breathes his last.

All smoke and mirrors

Charles’ body is covered as they wait for the police and ambulance to arrive. Meanwhile, Cinda praises Mabel for her skill and brilliance in finding out the identity of the killer. She tells Mabel that she’s got the qualities to even have her own podcast.

Poppy gets agitated by what Cinda says and stands up to her. She questions why Mabel should get her own podcast when she’s the one who does all the work for Cinda and even brings up the fact that she gave the idea to look into the Rose Cooper mystery.

Throughout her tirade, Poppy constantly sneezes and Oliver asks her if she has an allergy to Mrs Gambolini, the parrot. Mabel says the killer was heard sneezing while fleeing the crime scene.

Poppy gets defensive and says that having an allergy to a bird is normal and they shouldn’t just believe the words of a young girl hiding in the walls. Oliver catches her slip up and mentions that only the killer could have known that Lucy was there that day.

Who Killed Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building season 2? 3
Charles’ reveal has Poppy on the ropes.

Cinda pipes in with the truth about Poppy’s identity, that her real name is Becky. When she asks Cinda how she knew, Charles wakes up to say that they told Cinda. He also reveals that his stabbing was all thanks to movie magic.

All for some recognition

The truth is finally revealed about Poppy and she admits to killing Bunny, just so that she could make a good podcast and be noticed by Cinda for her hard work.

The trio tell Poppy that they were onto her from that afternoon right after they met her. Detective Williams told Mabel that the DNA on the knife belonged to a dead girl from Oklahoma. This information coupled with the fact that Poppy’s regular sandwich order at the diner was the #14 Sandwich gave it away.

Who Killed Bunny Folger in Only Murders in the Building season 2? 4
Poppy was the mastermind behind Detective Kreps.

Poppy was a relative nobody who lived a miserable life in Oklahoma. She decided to make herself disappear and headed to New York to work for her idol, Cinda Canning. She nudged Cinda to cover the disappearance of Becky Butler which is when Poppy met Detective Kreps and began a romantic relationship with him.

And after the success of her first idea, Poppy decided to murder Bunny and do it all over again.

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