Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 10 recap & review: I Know Who Did It

In season 2 episode 10 (finale) of Only Murders in the Building, numerous secrets come to life that solve the mystery of Bunny Folger’s murder once and for all.


After the truth behind Becky Butler’s disappearance came to light in the last episode, she reveals how the was a nobody before she pitched the idea of investigating Becky’s murder to Cinda.

Impressed by the idea, the podcaster took all the credit for the mystery and gave Becky a job as well.

Charles, Mabel and Oliver meet Becky at the Pickle Diner. She tells them Cinda’s weaknesses, inside of onions and slow motion, to help them draw out a confession.

Mabel gets a call from Detective Williams about the DNA results from the knife planted and Oliver’s house. After the revelation, Mabel says she knows who the killer is, as well as what ’14 Savage’ meant.

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The three return to the Arconia and throw a ‘killer reveal party’. They ask the residents to play along as they are about to put on a show. Cinda, Becky and Alice are called as well.

The three accuse Cinda of planning the murder with Detective Kreps to frame them, along with using the weaknesses to ‘torture’ her.

But Mabel claims she isn’t the killer, and that Alice is the real murderer. She wanted the Rose Cooper painting, but Bunny wanted ’14 million for the Savage painting’, which is why Bunny said ’14 Savage’ before dying.

As Alice is seemingly ousted, she tries to stab Mabel but Charles gets in the way and ends up in a pool of blood.

Looking at Mabel’s skill in deciphering the case, Cinda offers her a job as well as her own podcast. Becky is angered by this and asks for credit. She starts sneezing, similar to how the killer did because of a bird allergy.

Mabel, Charles and Oliver then reveal that this was all an act to lure her out and Charles isn’t dead. Becky ended up confessing she knew Lucy was hiding in the walls, confirming her as the killer. The ’14 Savage’ was actually ‘#14 Sandwich’ that Beck ordered and Bunny hated.

They called Cinda and everybody in the building for this elaborate plan to draw a confession out of her. Becky says she just wanted to be noticed and executed the murder without the intention to frame Mabel.

It is revealed that she was the one dating Kreps, not Cinda. They planned Bunny’s murder together.

With another murder solved, Charles makes a breakthrough in his acting career. His character, who was restricted to a wheelchair and dementia, is now important again because of his high test scores with viewers.

Oliver tries to tell Will that he isn’t his real father, but before he can, Will says if he’s not his father then he doesn’t know what a father is. He knew all along, but it didn’t matter to him.

Oliver is offered the chance to direct a Broadway show schedule for next year. One year has passed and the show is about to start.

Ben Glenroy, the star of the show, has an argument with Oliver just before the show but the viewers’ aren’t given the context.

Mabel joins Lucy and Oliver in the audience, relieved about a year without murder. As Ben starts the show, he loses consciousness and dies, with blood coming out of his mouth.

He seems to have been poisoned. Everybody rushes to his aid, as Mabel stands in disbelief that they are in the middle of yet another murder.


  • A fantastic finale, the episode is equal parts hilarious and thrilling. The reveal of Becky as the killer is far from predictable.
  • The ‘weaknesses’ of Cinda are perhaps the funniest moments of the show. The slow motion deserves to be part of a highlight reel.
  • All loose ends are tied up as well. The last episode ended with Cinda as the prime suspect, and this takes a complete 180-degree turn.
  • Nina’s character had been developed well through the season and it is a bit disappointing to not see her as part of the residents’ act.
  • Overall, an extremely strong episode and season finale. Season 3 is also hinted to be different, with the murder, this time, not occurring ‘in the building’. It will be interesting to see the trajectory that the show takes from this point onwards.
Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 10
Only Murders in the Building season 2 episode 10 recap & review: I Know Who Did It 1

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