Who is Young Juvenile? Sexify season 2 character explained

In ‘Sexify’ season 2, Young Juvenile becomes the reason people download the Sexify and Sexiguy apps. This allows Natalia, Paulina, and Monika to demonstrate how beneficial their app is to everyone.

In order to make sure the buzz around Sexify reaches every other person around the world, Monika heavily promotes the app on a television show.

She joins a late-night show, where she meets Young Juvenile. Monika talks about being an independent woman and how she has built her app without relying on her father, who is a powerful businessman.

Young Juvenile puts forth his own opinions about an independent woman, and Monika doesn’t find them pleasing. She immediately calls him out and questions who he is.

The talk show host then introduces Young Juvenile as Poland’s No. 1 hip-hop artist. Monika makes fun of Young Juvenile’s name, ignores his opinions, and promotes her app further.

Young Juvenile and Monika’s relationship

Both Monika and Young Juvenile are polar opposites. Despite that, Young Juvenile saw a companion in her. Monika can’t help but admit that the hip-hop artist is indeed attractive.

They spend a night together. Monika then moves on from that one night together to focus on her app, but Young Juvenile continues to pursue her. He senses something happening between them.

Who is Young Juvenile? Sexify season 2 character explained 1
Monika asks Young Juvenile for a favor

When the launch of Sexify gets delayed due to unpaid bills, Monika seeks help from Young Juvenile. She asks him to invest in Sexify.

Young Juvenile quickly agrees to invest, but not because he is interested in the app. He expresses how he doesn’t really care about Sexify.

He confesses his feelings and tells Monika that he sees a wife in her. He is done with other girls and puts forth his desire to marry her. Monika leaves, clarifying that she just needs money, not a husband.

How does Young Juvenile help Sexify and Sexiguy?

When Rafal comes up with a strategy to increase Sexify and Sexiguy’s user base, the girls decide to steal their app back from Debska. To make sure that some people will download their apps, Monika approaches Young Juvenile again.

She once again makes it clear that they are not going to end up together. Young Juvenile respects her decision, and then Monika reveals why she came to him. She asks him to perform at her party as a break-up favor.

It turns out that the girls are offering free tickets to Young Juvenile’s concert to people who download their app.

As the country’s top-performing artist, Young Juvenile has a dedicated young fanbase. The strategy works, and people who are told about the concert do download the app.

These people gather at the Warsaw Web Summit, where Debska intends to launch the apps. Young Juvenile will perform right there in an empty space.

Natalia and Paulina receive access to the apps with a little help from Maks. They test the new ‘match’ feature of their apps, which works perfectly. It helps people in the crowd find their sexual soulmate.

Upon proving that their apps’ new features are working, the girls try to negotiate with Debska. When Debska refuses to cooperate, they delete the apps immediately.

Debska sends security to catch Natalia and Paulina. That’s when Young Juvenile shows up and starts performing for the crowd.

The girls later manage to force Debska to back out and let this matter go, with Monika’s father, Marek, intervening and challenging Debska. Paulina later joins Young Juvenile on stage to celebrate their victory.

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