Sexify season 2 review: More mature and amusing

In ‘Sexify’ season 2, Natalia, Paulina, and Monika struggle to bring innovations to their app to ensure its launch. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.


Natalia, Paulina, and Monika prepare to officially launch their app, Sexify, at a party. Things go sideways when an unexpected power cut ruins the launch.

The girls look back at their accounts and realize that they have unpaid bills from the last four months. These bills put a pause on the app’s future.

Monika’s role model, Malgorzata Debska, shows up and offers to invest in their app if they can double the number of users they originally projected.

The girls promise to do so by introducing a similar app for men as well. They even claim that this new app is already in the works.

Debska is glad to hear this because she wants it running within four weeks. With limited time on their hands, the girls start running around to find data on what men desire during intercourse.

A new problem arises when they realize that an app with their idea is already available in the market and is running successfully.


Aleksandra Skraba, Maria Sobocińska, and Sandra Drzymalska, as the lead trio of Natalia, Paulina, and Monika, continue to dedicate themselves to the growth of the characters.

It seems like these actresses have worked to portray a more responsible version of their characters. Drzymalska stands out among them as a strong leader who is willing to push the boundaries.

While these three shined as they should, Kamil Wodka, as Rafal, often gave the viewers some memorable sequences. Every scene involving him had over-the-top funny moments that are genuinely hilarious.


It feels like the show and its characters have grown with time. The lead characters are no longer in schools or colleges. They are aiming to run a money-making business, and the creators have established such an environment around them.

Each and every episode is fast-paced with developments that are satisfying. With such a pace, it’s easy for viewers to become engrossed in the drama unfolding.

The jokes and dialogue are placed well. At times, the viewers will predict what a certain character’s reaction will be. Despite that, one can enjoy a good laugh. The credit goes to the dedication of the performer and the writing of the script.

‘Sexify’ season 2 has handled the intimate scenes with care as well. Adam’s emotions over not being able to satisfy his girlfriend can be seen in his eyes.


‘Sexify’ season 2 spends a lot of time away from the main plot as well. Monika and Maks’ networking in the third episode and the entire seventh episode is laboriously stretched out.

The show tried to focus on the personal lives of the characters a lot this time, especially in this seventh episode. The subplots lacked the thrill that the main plot had. This made the entire seventh episode feel unnecessary.

Only Rafal discovering the worth of the new app for men moved the plot forward in this seventh episode.


Sexify ‘season 2’ has certainly evolved from the last season. It’s keeping up with the times and the growth of the lead characters. At the same time, it has made sure not to diminish the fun the first season had and what made the show special in the first place.

Sexify season 2
Sexify season 2 review: More mature and amusing 1

Director: Kalina Alabrudzinska

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