Who is Man-Bull? She-Hulk character explained

Jen is introduced to a group of villains trying to rehabilitate themselves including Man-Bull in the latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The character is played by Nathan Hurd.

Jen meets a great guy named Josh at her friend’s wedding and the two of them go out on a few dates but when Josh ghosts her after sleeping with her for the first time, Jen gets the perfect distraction to get him off her mind.

Jen is called for assistance by Emil Blonsky’s parole officer to check up on the convict because of an irregularity with his inhibitor device and since she doesn’t have anything else planned for that Sunday, she agrees to go.

A safe space for everybody

After the officer recalibrates Blonsky’s device and gets the hell out of dodge, Jen gets ready to be on her way but her plans are derailed when El Aguila is thrown on her car, completely wrecking it.

The person responsible for throwing him is Man-Bull, a half-man half-bull hybrid. Blonsky states that the two of them are fighting out their issues which is one of the techniques at the retreat to help work on oneself.

Man-Bull is fighting El Aguila because he closely represents a matador and stands for everyone that has treated Man-Bull with disrespect and contempt because of his unique appearance. He also mentions that the reason

Who is Man-Bull? She-Hulk character explained 1
Man-Bull and El Aguila have a frenemy relationship in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

At the sharing circle, he and El Aguila display a co-dependence of sorts as they keep playing off each other’s comments while the others consider it very unhealthy how they are attached to each other.

He plays his part along with the others as they convince Jen that she should feel more confident about her human form and realize that there are a lot more people who like her true form than she thinks.

Man-Bull in the comics

Man-Bull’s real name is William “Bill” Taurens and he was first experimented on by Mister Kline and injected with an experimental serum that contained mutated enzymes taken from bulls. His first appearance was in Daredevil #78-79 and the character was created by Gerry Conway and Gary Friedrich.

Who is Man-Bull? She-Hulk character explained 2
One of the early iterations of Man-Bull in the comics

Much like his on-screen persona, the Man-Bull of the comics started off as a humanoid bull with long horns on his head. Eventually, the effects of the serum started to turn Taurens more feral and at one point began to resemble a minotaur and lost the power of speech.

Whenever he’s in his unstable form, Man-Bull’s actions are driven by pure vengeance and he also has the power to control other bovine animals through psionic activity.

Man-Bull has come up against Daredevil, Spider-Man, Grey Hulk, The Thing and Iron Man among other heroes within the comics. He has also had a few stints on the good side and has been an occasional member of the Thunderbolts.

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