Who is Kishibe? Chainsaw Man character explained

Kishibe is the latest addition to the slate of formidable characters in ‘Chainsaw Man’, making his bombastic entrance with a contrarily calm and eerily composed persona.

There is an abundance of the standard anime bada**es in ‘Chainsaw Man’, with the entirety of the main cast boasting some strong contracts with some even stronger devils.

And as is the case with the Kuudere types, they generally tend to harbour some secretly incredible power within themselves. ‘Chainsaw Man’ has a fair share of these types as well, with the most recognisable among the lot being Makima.

Now there’s another addition to the slate of the aforementioned character types in the anime — Kishibe. The poker-faced drunkard recently made a proper entrance to the story with his character traits and feats that make him seem like an unrivalled beast.

Sudden, stoic, stupor

Kishibe is drunk all the time, at least he appears to be every time he’s onscreen. And yet, the grizzled guy has reflexes superior to a monkey’s.

Power and Denji are two of the most frenetic freaks in ‘Chainsaw Man’ and even these anomalies can’t keep up with the sudden bursts of movement Kishibe exhibits in a blink of an eye.

The two try their hardest and in an extremely rare instance, even come up with the decision to be smart about taking him down. The results are the same still, and Kishibe clowns the Hybrid and the Fiend with little effort.

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This dichotomy of expressions and the explosive movements is what makes the character all the more compelling, in addition to the mystery that surrounds him, his backstory, as well as his deals with the Devils.

The edgy triad of devils

Kishibe has contracts with the Knife Devil, the Claw Devil, and the Needle Devil.

While these three may seem to be rather unremarkable when compared to the more immediately terrifying and existentially imposing devils (the Future Devil, Ghost Devil, Gun Devil), it’s a combination of three understandably very lethal objects of collective fear.

The skills that the hunter possesses are not particularly derived from the deals he’s made with the devils, but the mastery of the weapons is what combines with his natural abilities to make him an exceptionally ferocious individual.

So far in the anime, Kishibe has flexed his knife skills, and to a ridiculously high degree at that. While not much is revealed of his skillset and deals, his self-professed introduction as the greatest Devil Hunter doesn’t seem dubious in the slightest.

A particular set of skills

Kishibe has contracts with three devils, with the nature and full extent of his abilities from those contracts yet to be revealed in the manga. However, the abilities that are known include the absurdly reflexive and kinetic movements he’s able to perform in a fight.

The veteran hunter can manoeuvre through close combat with incredible precision and dexterity, being able to dodge the blurry attacks of Power and Denji without as much as breaking a sweat.

Even the surprise attacks are an unremarkable anticipation for the hunter who can see the claws, the punches, and the swords coming from a mile away, all while remaining as nonchalant as ever.

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