Who is Gunpowder? The Boys season 3 character explained

Gunpowder is one of the people The Boys decide to investigate in the hopes of getting some information on Soldier Boy. Season 3 is streaming on Prime Video.

Homelander begins to get more uninhibited and the key to ending him lies somewhere in the death of Soldier Boy. The Boys look into his teammates in ‘Payback’, and especially his former sidekick, Gunpowder.

In denial

Queen Maeve brings the lead of Soldier Boy to Butcher and he decides to go and question Gunpowder. He finds him at a firearms convention where he’s spewing right-wing conservative propaganda.

Who is Gunpowder? The Boys season 3 character explained 1
An old picture of Soldier Boy, Crimson Countess and Gunpowder

He has a chat with him in private and brings up the fact that Gunpowder was abused by Soldier Boy as a kid and even made an official complaint but the incident was buried. Gunpowder calls it fake news and tells Butcher that he has no intention of helping him.

In the parking lot, Gunpowder catches Butcher by surprise and manages to wound him in the leg before Butcher eventually escapes.


Butcher visits him later on, this time hooked on some Temp V that has given him powers. Gunpowder shoots him thrice but Butcher just shakes it off and proceeds to fight back with great intensity.

Who is Gunpowder? The Boys season 3 character explained 2
Butcher beats Gunpowder black and blue

He beats him up and finds out about a mission in Nicaragua where Grace Mallory was the case officer. He is then consumed by rage and punches his face before activating his heat vision and slicing his head in two.

In the comics

Gunpowder is a relatively minor antagonist in the comics with some intriguing abilities. He is meant to be a parody of Deadshot and Judge Dredd.

Who is Gunpowder? The Boys season 3 character explained 3
The members of Teenage Kix from the comics

He is a member of the corrupt superhero team Teenage Kix. When this team faces off against The Boys, Mother’s Milk defeats him and destroys his helmet.

He later shows up for Blarney Cock’s funeral before disappearing altogether.

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