Who is Crimson Countess? The Boys season 3 character explained

Season 3 of The Boys brings many more characters into focus with one of them being the Crimson Countess due to her affiliation with Soldier Boy.

The Boys are looking for ways to eliminate Homelander once and for all and their efforts lead them to look into Solider Boy, a Supe who was just as strong as Homelander but was killed by an unknown weapon.

To learn more about this weapon, they decide to question Soldier Boy’s closest allies and Crimson Countess happens to be one of them. Here’s a deeper look at the scarlet Supe.

How did she know Soldier Boy?

Crimson Countess was a part of a superhero team called Payback alongside Soldier Boy. Other members of the team were Black Noir, Swatto, the TNT Twins, Mindstorm and Soldier Boy’s sidekick, Gunpowder.

Who is Crimson Countess? The Boys season 3 character explained 1
An old picture of Payback

She has fire-based abilities like heat vision, pyrokinesis, heat manipulation, and fire immunity in addition to being skilled in hand to hand combat.

Crimson Countess was also in a romantic relationship with Soldier Boy, although it’s quite clear that Soldier Boy wasn’t the most faithful of partners, which is on point for many of the despicable Supes in the series.

Where is she now?

After a disastrous mission in Nicaragua, Vought decided to tell a different story about Soldier Boy’s death. They claimed that he died trying to contain a Nuclear blast at a power plant.

Who is Crimson Countess? The Boys season 3 character explained 2
Crimson Countess performing at Vought Land

An attraction in his honour was included in Vought Land: The Super Park, with Crimson Countess performing American Son while a video package of his greatest achievements played in the background.

Frenchie and Kimiko go there to question her and after the performance, they meet her in the dressing room. The two of them restrain her momentarily but she manages to get away, even killing an innocent bystander in the process.

In the comics

There have been two iterations of the Crimson Countess in the comics with the first one serving during World War II, although her stint was short-lived as she was killed during her first mission by a German airstrike.

Who is Crimson Countess? The Boys season 3 character explained 3
Billy Butcher chokes out the Crimson Countess

The second Crimson Countess was a member of Payback and is more closely related to the on-screen portrayal. She was in a relationship with a superhero named Mind-Droid although it was hinted that she was a promiscuous woman who slept around to gain favours.

She was killed by Billy Butcher when he snapped her neck.

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