Who is George Glooman? Spy x Family character explained

Damian finds himself in trouble when he faces a student named George Glooman, who desperately wants him to be expelled. The nineteenth episode of “Spy x Family” is now streaming on Netflix.

George Glooman is a student at Eden Academy and is the son of the director of Glooman Pharmaceuticals, which is about to be shut down with Donovan Desmond running them out of business.

Fearing that his father will go bankrupt, George Glooman plotted a plan to distract Desmond from his motives by having his son expelled from Eden Academy.

George Glooman’s plan to fail Damian

George intended to have Damian fail in the mid-term exams, which will result in him receiving Tonitrus Bolts. He gave his butler his three months’ worth of allowance to hire a spy who will break into the academy and forge Damian’s papers.

Glooman’s butler ended up hiring an amateur spy going by the name of Daybreak, for whom this was his first mission.

Who is George Glooman? Spy x Family character explained 1
George Glooman offers money to his butler to hire a spy

Daybreak crossed paths with Twilight during his break-in, who also wanted to forge Anya’s papers to make sure she survives the mid-term examinations.

Daybreak made all the rookie mistakes he could but successfully managed to change Damian’s answers. Once he left, Twilight glanced upon Damian’s papers and switched them back to the right answers in order to secure his mission.

Damian became everyone’s favorite after passing the exams, while George was fueled with rage. He confronted Damian and accused him of smoking and attacking him.

Anya defended Damian in this case and saved him from getting expelled. Damian and his friends confronted George, who immediately started crying and confessed why he tried to pull off this stunt.

Is Glooman Pharmaceuticals going bankrupt or not?

George tells his friends about his father’s company and how Donovan Desmond is running them out of business. He also shares how he may have to quit school and go through a lot of trouble growing up.

The students sympathize with him and fulfill all of his wishes, believing that this is his last day at school. They offer him gifts and bid him a proper farewell.

Anya comes back home and tells her parents about George. Loid, who has been keeping an eye on Donovan Desmond’s activities, reveals that Glooman Pharmaceuticals isn’t going bankrupt; it’s being bought by Donovan.

George finds out the same from his father back at his residence and feels ashamed to go back to school the next day with everyone asking for their gifts back.

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