Anya’s weakness in Spy x Family explained

Anya in Spy x Family vows to help her father, Loid, in his mission using her telepathic abilities, but she acknowledges that even these powers have some limitations.

Anya Forger has made effective use of her superpowers when it comes to aiding her father or during her time at school.

Despite that, she struggles hard, as she doesn’t know which kid’s mind she should read in order to pass the exams and bring her father one step closer to his target, Donovan Desmond.

That was all until Damian showed off his history papers, where he received a high score.

The mid-term exams were on the way, but Anya wasn’t that sad or worried. She knew that, at least in her history exams, she would pass by reading Damian’s mind.

On her way back home, she noticed the moon in the sky and remembered the one thing that tampers with her mind-reading powers.

The effect the eclipses have on Anya’s powers

Anya ran back home to question her father, Loid, about the way the moon will appear in the next two weeks. Loid told her about the lunar phase and the new moon that will surface in two weeks.

Anya reflects back on her time at the lab where she was experimented on. The people there referred to the eclipse as the night her telepathic powers will temporarily be disabled.

Anya's weakness in Spy x Family explained 1
Anya imagines the effect of eclipses on her telepathic abilities

The new moon falls on the same day her mid-term examinations commence. With that, Anya has no choice but to forget about her powers and focus on doing well in exams, all on her own, rather than relying on the intelligence of other students.

She still tries hard and asks Bond about the paper that will appear in the future. He instead shows her what’s for dinner.

The other limitations of Anya’s powers

The presence of an eclipse is the first major event that affects Anya’s powers. Apart from that, Anya has often struggled to control these abilities and has read minds unwillingly.

Anya also doesn’t feel good in crowds and gets dizzy as a number of thoughts from the people in the crowd cross her mind, thus causing her to get sick and exhausted quickly.

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