Bad Sisters season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Rest in Peace

The seventh episode of Bad Sisters sees John Paul suspecting that someone is out there trying to kill him, while the sisters start being more careful. The episode is now available to stream on Apple TV+.


The sisters watch John Paul drown in water as their mission almost comes to success. Things go sideways when they realize someone else is near him.

Turns out, it’s Gabriel, who dives into the water and saves a drowning JP. After saving him, Gabriel notices Eva and her sister Becka driving away from the location.

The next day, JP wakes up in the hospital and begins to suspect that someone is plotting to kill him.

When the sisters find that out, they try to remember if they left any traces behind in JP’s house. Ursula realizes that she forgot to take JP’s nasal spray, which was used to drug him.

Becka steps up to bring it back as everyone else finds themselves busy.

Eva gears up for an interview she has and is confronted by Gabriel at the office. She asks Gabriel to keep this a secret from JP, stating that he won’t like that she saw him in that state.

Despite Grace asking him not to, JP comes to the office for an interview and asks Gabriel if he saw anyone last night when he saved him. Before Gabriel could answer, the interviewer called JP in.

JP lowers Eva’s chances of getting that job by telling the interviewer about her drinking past.

While he is on his way back, Becka at his house tries to erase all traces of them being there. She cleans the floor where JP peed and finds the nasal spray in time.

The next moment, JP enters and sees Becka hiding something in her pocket. He tries to confront her and forces her to show what she is hiding but they are interrupted by Blanaid.

JP and Grace later get into an argument about whether JP should get back to work in this condition or not. The argument leads JP to accidentally hit Grace. She ends up with a bump on her head and a sore wrist.

While JP is out there buying flowers for her, Grace asks Becka to do the shopping for JP’s mother, Minna. The sisters later discuss if Grace is trying to cover for JP.

Becka meets Minna and finds out that JP has been spending a lot of time in his basement.

Once Minna falls asleep, she finds her way down there. She comes across a freezer and finds a key to it. Inside the freezer, she discovers a dead body, which she assumes is George.

In the present, Tom and Matt interrogate Gabriel, as per the suggestion of Theresa. Gabriel tells them that Eva and Becka were around JP the night he nearly drowned.

Gabriel further told them about Eva and JP’s strained relationship. All of this, and Becka’s cheque, which she got from JP’s mother, serves as proof against Becka, who might have killed JP.

With that, the Claffin brothers received permission from the inspector to conduct a post-mortem examination.


  • The seventh episode of Bad Girls levels up the rivalry between JP and the sisters, now that even JP knows someone is trying to kill her.
  • Furthermore, it certainly adds a lot more complications towards the end with George’s body.
  • The show turned a minor plot which was a mystery into something that could be far more sinister.
  • If not much, the sisters now have another reason to go after JP, whose character is quite more interesting than before, given the fact he has more secrets to hide.
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 7
Bad Sisters season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Rest in Peace 1

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