Who is Billie Pearce in National Treasure: Edge of History?

Catherine Zeta Jones’s Billie Pearce serves as the main antagonist in the Disney+ action-adventure series ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’, bringing her devilish charms and panache to the character.

‘Edge of History’ follows Jess, a 21-year-old DACA recipient who has an incredible knack for solving puzzles, a talent she employs to decode the clues and get closer to the Mesoamerican treasure of Montezuma.

However, her race to the treasure has a fierce competitor, Billie Pearce, who’s ready to do anything to anyone in order to get her hands on the treasure.

An affluent hunter

Billie Pearce is a black-market antiquities dealer. And business is booming for her, as is evident by the private jet that she seems to use to fly everywhere.

She’s quite wealthy and therefore, very powerful. She has two very loyal henchmen (one of which has died in the series), as well as many other underlings who she employs as her personal sniffing dogs and investigators to keep tabs on whoever she wishes to.

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billie nate kacey national treasure edge of history
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To fund all these investigations and the constant excursions, you need a lot of moolah, which Billie Pearce has abundant of.

Ruthless and ready

What she doesn’t have and that which has perturbed her for a while is the treasure of Montezuma. She has been moving mountains to get to the gold.

To get this treasure, Billie Pearce is prepared to do anything, as has been made abundantly clear so far in the series.

Whether it’s having her men kidnapping people to demand clues as ransom, or setting the men off on an investigative mission, snooping around her enemies and gathering crucial intel.

Cryptic connections & contenders

Billie has been working for a mysterious syndicate all this while as well, and it seems they finance her treasure hunting too. However, it’s not just her who’s dying to get their hands on the invaluable treasure.

In ‘Edge of History’ episode 4, Billie Pearce has a meeting with this mysterious syndicate and reassures them that her search is now very close to the actual location of the treasure.

With increasing progress on the search, Billie also attracts enemies and double-crossing within the syndicate, but she’s too slick and smart to let anyone else gain the upper hand now.

Additionally, there’s this mysterious and perilous treasure hunter called “Salazar”, who also has been on the hunt for the treasure of Montezuma for decades. Even if she ends up finding the treasure, she’d have quite a couple of strong contenders to deal with.

However, if there’s any force to bet on in the fight against formidable opponents, it’d be Billie Pearce, the treasure hunter with all the razzmatazz and the resources.

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