Who is Angel Devil? Chainsaw Man character explained

The Angel Devil recently made his appearance on ‘Chainsaw Man’ amid a rapidly developing situation and a fight between the Gun Devil’s henchmen and the Special Division 4.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Character design speaks a lot about nature and sometimes even the backstory of a character. There is always some connection to be made or a connection that’s very evident of said character’s nature, personality, and features with their look.

‘Chainsaw Man’ has incredibly striking character designs in abundance, and it’s always pretty easy to gauge the ferocity of the Devil just by a mere glimpse of his countenance.

Angel Devil, one of the many new additions to the slate of characters, is arguably the most intriguing of the lot, in that he carries an image contrary to a general idea of a devil, and yet he’s one.

But who is he exactly and what does his dichotomous appearance entail?

A walking contradiction

The Angel Devil made his first appearance on ‘Chainsaw Man’ in episode 11 when the Hunters and the Gun Devil’s henchmen are engaging each other in battle. Embodiment of humanity’s collective fear of angels, the devil has an androgynous body.

The Angel Devil is revealed to be a hunter working for the Special Division. He has a certain air around him that matches his dichotomous state of being.

angel devil chainsaw man
Image source: Hulu

While having a halo hovering over his head, and white wings growing out of his back, the Angel Devil looks like an angel and yet is just as diabolical as any other devil if he wants to be.

This means that he’s both an angel and a devil, and hence also possesses two opposing elements of personality.

Abilities & quirks

He’s a cold and lazy person, not wanting to strive for much during battles, evading all chances that can land him in a battle or any situation.

The Angel Devil is said to have no ill will against humans but he does extract lifespans out of humans. He also has incredible mobility and wings that can deflect bullets.

He can absorb the life span which can later be used as weapons. One other ability that the Angel Devil wields is turning different amounts of life spans to produce powerful weapons like sword and spear.

These weapons end up becoming big turning points in an important battle later on.

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