Who betrayed Jess and friends in National Treasure: Edge of History?

Jess has been on a hunt for the treasure of Montezuma with her friends, cracking puzzles and solving clues while also competing against an antiquities dealer to get to the treasure first.

Montezuma’s treasure has been a subject of myths and mysteries since long ago. However, those with the penchant for history and those who hunt for impossible treasures have been trying to get their hands on it for just as long as there have been myths about it.

Jess is a 21-year-old, intelligent girl with an incredible talent for pattern-finding — a talent she uses to find the aforementioned treasure with the help of her friends.

In the race to find said treasure, she’s competing against a wealthy and ruthless antiquities dealer, who will do anything and everything to get the treasure — including setting her agents loose on Jess and her friends and even kidnapping one of them.

That’s why when Jess learns that someone in her group of friends is likely a traitor, she believes it and also that this traitor must be acting in cohorts with Billie Pearce.

The usual suspect

The hands of suspicion instantly point towards Liam, the one who fell for Jess and she, for him, in a relatively short amount of time since their treasure hunt started.

The reason behind Liam catching Jess’s suspicion so quick is because he was the only one who was there with her listening to the Elvis tape recording — a crucial clue in furthering the hunt for the treasure.

What’s more, is that when Tasha hacks into Liam’s accounts, she and Jess see that he was recently sent a whopping sum of $50,000 by an unknown sender.

Jess & Liam National Treasure Edge of History
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They take this hefty reception for a payment by Billie, who must have enlisted his covert services. Jess later confronts him about this and he has nothing but disbelief to express in response to her allegations.

Later in ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’, the suspicion on Liam is worn off by a most trivial object.

The sneaky sneakers

Jess and Tasha are proven wrong in their hasty judgment when they find the real traitor of their group — Oren’s shoes. They eventually figure out that his shoes are bugged, a thing that happened while he was kidnapped by Billie’s henchmen.

That was the reason why everytime they discussed their progress of the clue-solving in presence of Oren, or his sneakers, it’ll always get tapped by Billie, who’d have made progress on her treasure hunt from the comfort of her private jet.

Discovering the real traitor, Jess would go on to apologize to Liam, who’d forgive her as well. However, the charges of betrayal would be levied upon him once again.

When Jess and friends attend the ball at the governor’s hall, they have to steal the journal as part of their hunt, a journal that Liam ultimately steals and runs away with, before Jess can get her hands on it, and despite her calls to him to stop he doesn’t, and storms off.

In ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ episode 6, Billie convinces Jess that Liam has always been a traitor and while Jess is not really on board with the rest of Billie’s act, she seems to be convinced that Liam did in fact steal the journal and took off.

It’s Ethan, however, who learns before everyone, that Liam is not the traitor. What actually happened at the Governor’s ball is that Liam took off with the journal after finding out that Billie and her men were there.

As he bailed and got out of the building, he was attacked by Kacey, who kicked the living daylights out of Liam, leaving him grotesquely injured and hospitalised.

So there was no traitor in Jess’s group other than the inanimate shoes of Oren, with Billie being the consistent player, conspirer, and the backstabber of ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ all along.

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