White Worm in House of the Dragon explained

The fourth episode of House of the Dragon saw a scandal involving Rhaenyra and Daemon erupt at the King’s Landing. Someone named White Worm became a key player in delivering the news that left Otto and King Viserys astounded.

Daemon on his day back at King’s Landing took Rhaenyra on a ride through the city. For the very first time, Rhaenyra experienced life, away from the kingdom. They removed their disguises and got close to each other during a visit to a brothel.

The couple started making out before Daemon abruptly stopped and left Rhaenyra on her own. A little boy around noticed Rhaenyra running after Daemon. The same boy later visited Otto as the messenger of White Worm to tell him what he saw.

While Rhaenyra spent the rest of the night with Ser Criston Cole, Daemon found herself waking up at Mysaria’s place.

Mysaria is the White Worm

White Worm is a moniker for Mysaria, Daemon’s prostitute and former lover. During the time she was with Daemon in the episode, the same little boy came who delivered Otto the message came and gave her some coins.

Otto might have sent the coins in exchange for the information. Mysaria told Daemon that she has left her prostitute life behind. This means that she probably now has a network of spies around the city. Using these spies, she manages to earn a living.

White Worm in House of the Dragon explained 1
Mysaria tells Daemon that she has left her old life behind.

Mysaria’s appearance also suggested that she still cares for Daemon. She brought him to a cellar away from the mess he was in. She even offered him a drink to clear the fog as he woke up, though he denied her help.

As of now, the show only delves this much into Mysaria’s new life. Given the fact that she has a moniker of her own, we are bound to see more of White Worm in the future, trading secrets from one ear to the other.

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