House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4 recap & review: King of the Narrow Sea

The fourth episode of House of the Dragon sees Princess Rhaenyra failing to find a partner for herself, while her uncle Daemon returns to the King’s landing. Princess Rhaenyra learns a thing or two about marriage as a scandal involving her erupts by the end of the episode.

Princess Rhaenyra holds a bachelorette of her own as she meets potential contenders who could marry her. From an old man to a child, the contenders present themselves as they brag about their kingdoms and swear to protect the princess.

Sick of the tour, Rhaenyra decides to abandon it altogether and leaves for King’s Landing. On her way back, a dragon passes her ship as Daemon marks his return. He brought Craghas Crabfeeder’s hammer and kneeled before King Viserys as the “King of the Narrow Sea”.

King Viserys was happy to have his brother back but disappointed with Rhaenyra, who left the tour to find a partner mid-way. Rhaenyra found comfort in reconciling with Queen Alicent. Apart from that, Rhaenyra also suspected Daemon’s return.

She indulges in a conversation with Daemon over marriage. Daemon presents his view on marriage as a political arrangement.

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During a meeting, Otto tells Viserys that Lord Corlys plans to wed his daughter to the Sealord of Bravos’ son. Thus, they need to seek a marriage pact of their own.

Later that night, Daemon invites Rhaenyra to break out of the castle. Rhaenyra finds a bag with clothes to disguise herself as a boy and a map that leads to a secret staircase.

A hooded Daemon took Rhaenyra on a ride through the city. They witnessed a play based on the situation at King’s Landing. The reaction from the people was clear. They won’t accept a woman on the throne. They wanted Aegon to take over.

Following that, Daemon took Rhaenyra to a brothel, calling it a place where people take what they want. Rhaenyra and Daemon soon start making out before the latter abruptly stops and decides to walk away.

Rhaenrya made her way back to the castle. Ser Criston Cole, who was guarding her room all night, was shocked to see Rhaenyra out while he was here, believing she was inside. Still aroused by the experience she had, Rhaenyra invites Ser Criston Cole in as they proceed to enjoy a night together.

Meanwhile, a little boy who had noticed Rhaenyra at the brothel brought a message from White Worm to Otto.

The next day, early in the morning, Otto informs the King that Rhaenyra and Daemon were together last night at a brothel and tries to describe what they were doing. King Viserys calls it a lie while Alicent overhears the conversation.

Alicent confronts Rhaenyra herself. The latter claimed nothing happened and stated that Daemon left her after getting drunk.

Daemon woke up at Mysaria’s place. The same little boy who delivered the message to Otto walked in and gave Mysaria coins. Daemon is arrested and brought to King Viserys, who questions him about last night.

Daemon accepts the King’s accusation of defiling Rhaenyra and offers a solution. He asks for Rhaenyra’s hand for marriage. King Viserys wastes no time in banishing Daemon as he orders him to go back to Vale.

Alicent tells Viserys that she believes Rhaenyra and that Daemon is lying. Viserys summons Rhaenyra and declares that she will marry Ser Laenor Velaryon, the son of the Sea Snake.

Rhaenyra, on the other hand, further convinces her father that Otto is playing his game as well, telling him how he used Alicent during Viserys’ dark days. She agrees to marry if the king performs his duties as well. This leads the king to remove Otto from his position as the Hand, confessing that he can no longer trust his judgment.

Grand Maester Mellos brings Rhaenyra a properly brewed special tea to avoid pregnancy.


  • The fourth episode moves away from war and bloodshed to explore politics and marriage further, which is good for a change.
  • It’s quite interesting to watch Rhaenyra unravel how life beyond her kingdom or marriage is out there.
  • The Rhaenyra-Daemon scandal is quite discomforting, even the explicit scene involving Alicent and King, but that’s how far we go in the GOT universe.
  • Lastly, Daemon did make his return to the King’s Landing worth a watch and went as far as he can to claim the throne by admitting that he defiled Rhaenyra.
House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4
House of the Dragon season 1 episode 4 recap & review: King of the Narrow Sea 1

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