What is the Trade Federation in Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune

Netflix’s sci-fi fantasy anime series, Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune revolves around the expendable human infantrymen who do the dirty work for the bureaucratic-military might of a Pan-Star civilization.

Trade Federation makes its presence known all throughout Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune, and poses some perilous obstacles in the protagonists’ way

Interstellar colonizers

The Pan-Star System Trade Federation, or Trade Federation, in short, is an interstellar civilization made up of several different alien species.

They’re extremely technologically superior and it’s this superiority that they use to take over Earth. It’s after a brief violent demonstration that they use their technological and military might to make nations across the world bow down to their will.

They ultimately strip Earth of its freedom and it leads to the planet getting turned into essentially a large third-world country since the existing order of human society gets obliterated by the Federation’s advanced technology and massive trading capital.

Apathetic authorities

The planets under the Trade Federation’s siege are shown to be in really sorry states. As one such example, Earth is in tatters after the aliens arrived, and in the present day in Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortunes, it is in such a poor state that humans make for the only export material it has to rely on.

Earth Yakitori Soldiers of Misfortune
Image source: Netflix

Humans are exported as food and mercenaries, signifying the horrors they have to resort to in order to survive. Meanwhile, the Trade Federation doesn’t recognize humans as competent or useful people.

They deem humans useful enough for fodder, during wars and conflicts, and to do the dirty deeds they don’t wish to do themselves. They get their dirty work down through Yakitoris — the soldiers who work as their mercenaries.

Bureaucratic up to the brim

The Trade Federation is extremely bureaucratic and the grand machinations take place amid grander web and complex systems and hierarchies.

The bureaucracy and the vastness are depicted in how the titles and posts of people working for the federation are always so long.

For example, Vasa Pupkin is in charge of the Special Space Security Industry. It’s the Ordinary Person Unit authorized by the licensed committee of the UN and Office of the Government-General, which is outsourced by the Intelligent Species Bureau assigned by the Pan-Star System and Trade Federation Council.

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