What is the Grave in My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage recently expanded upon the supernatural elements further with a fictional site that unleashes horrifying entities who threaten the story’s protagonists among many other common folks.

The Grave is a name for a tomb deep into the forbidden forest, where all the supernatural gift users who turned into Grotesqueries were buried and sealed.

This site containing so many of these shadowy entities makes for a pandora box of perils and doom for the public, should anyone choose to undo the seals and break open the gravestones.

The recent episodes of My Happy Marriage see the aforementioned acts happen, thanks to a group of men steeped in mystery.

The unsealing

It’s in the seventh episode of My Happy Marriage that the Grave enters the picture for the first time in the story. A group of mysterious men surround a gravestone with writings on it that look like a spell.

These men also appear to be engaged in a ritual. It’s immediately clear that this ritual has some dark undertones attached to it, and the atmosphere is rife with tension and suspense.

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The purpose of the men’s presence soon becomes clear as the seal on the gravestone is released, and with it, a rather ominous cloud is also released and in the midst of it are humanoid silhouettes with stark red eyes that look scary.

The unleashing

What gets released from this unsealing at the Grave are Grotesqueries. It’s a name for the people with supernatural gifts who die and become evil spirits due to unresolved negative sentiments.

Kiyoka Kudo learns about the incident at the Grave from General Okaito and soon they meet Imperial Prince Takahito about it. The prince shares his revelation, which entails the released Grotesqueries’ invasion of the capital soon.

Later on, Arata Tsuruki meets Kiyoka as a negotiator for the Ministry of the Imperial Household, asking for Kiyoka and the Anti-Grotesquerie Unit’s help in contending with the problem of the Grave.

Mitigation & forthcoming dangers

He reveals that only 20% of the Grotesqueries released at the Grave have been retrieved by the Ministry while the rest of them, need the Unit’s help. As for the purpose of the suspicious men found dead near the site, they’re unknown.

Kiyoka and the unit arrive at the Grave later on and inspect the site. Kazushi tries dispelling the curses of a corpse inflicted by the Grotesqueries but fails since they’re too overwhelming for him.

Meanwhile, some Grotesqueries also attack the unit but Kiyoka and his men deal with them. Now that the seal has been undone and the entities are roaming around freely, the revelation marks an ominous arrival of the Grotesqueries in the capital.

This also seems to have a direct connection with Miyo Saimori, who is having nightmares about these entities.

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