What is Garam in Sand Land: The Series?

Garam is the gargantuan new weapon that the mischievous junior angel and the self-proclaimed Angel Hero of Forestland, Muniel, has managed to get his hands on.

Forestland has been ruled by Supreme Commander Bred and the Hero Angel Muniel, ever since the two joined hands for a coup d’état, dethroning King Jam and forcing his family and supporters to go into hiding and become rebels. 

The users

Meanwhile, Muniel wants to wipe out the demons living in their village in Sand Land, and Bred always saw the country as a dangerous foe to be contended with severely, something he persistently lobbied for with King Jam, but he always denied it. 

Now that the two rule over Forestland, they can achieve their dreams.

Muniel and Bred
Muniel and Bred on board Garam

Bred wants to stomp the resistance before moving to the foreign territories. Muniel is dead set on wiping out any and everything that dares challenge his genocidal mania. 

Ever since they got into power, they set out to find enough Aquanium, the energy source that can level a whole town if explodes. It can also power whole towns. The pair needs these sources to power a terrifying weapon.

The weapon

The name of this weapon is Garam. It is a circular flying fortress, a flying battle ship that dwarfs even a mountain, and it can actually fly high, which makes its presence all the more daunting. 

Garam is powered by Aquanium and it can shoot a laser ray of attack that is most destructive in its potency.

Trigger-happy Muniel uses it immediately after getting airborne and the laser ready, and he destroys an entire mountain where the resistance operates. 

While the resistance members are somehow saved, Muniel sets his eyes on the main target he’s wreaked so much havoc over.

It is Sand Land, where the demons live; the same demons whom he so despises and wants to see completely wiped off the planet. 

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