Ann: Sand Land: The Series character explained

Ann is one of the major supporting characters in the Forest Land arcs of the action-adventure anime, Sand Land: The Series. 

Ann is the princess of Forest Land. Once a royal figure enjoying that title in all her childish innocence and ignorance; today, she fights the false new leaders of her country as part of the resistance. 

The former princess

Ann is the daughter of King Jam, former ruler of Forest Land. Her mother, a powerful demon named Lilith, was imprisoned inside a magical urn by a mischievous angel called Muniel, who now deludes Forest Land into revering him as their hero. 

He was the one who manipulated and fueled Supreme Commander Bred’s already existing disapproval of King Jam’s policy regarding the neighboring nation.

The two joined hands and led a coup d’état, which saw King Jam being detained, his wife caged, and his supporters turning into rebels. 

They plan to use the powerful substance called aquanium to achieve absolute control and also use it to wreak havoc on other nations essentially turning themselves into dictatorial rulers. 

The rebel

Ann was trying her best to keep one such aquanium rod from the claws of Supreme Commander Bred and Muniel when she first met Beelzebub, Thief, and Rao.

Ann Rao Thief Sand Land The Series
Ann joins Rao, Thief, and Beelzebub

She failed to retrieve the aquanium but made three powerful friends. 

She is now being helped by the three to get her father released from the grasp of the enemies and also reinstate the peaceful rule over Forest Land as it once enjoyed. 

Ann possesses special powers as she is the daughter of a human and a demon. When she’s using her demon powers, her eyes visibly change color. Normally too, she wields faster reflexes and durability. 

She is also very clever and a talented driver. She’s fearless too, and can use tact when the situation calls for it. As a human, she is compassionate, kind, and brave. 

She is similar to Beelzebub in terms of personality and the two are often butting heads with each other. Though they look like they’re of the same age, Beelzebub is actually thousands of years old and still acts like a teenager. 

What’s more, is that he is Ann’s uncle, a fact that makes things awkward between them when it’s revealed. 

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