What happens to Savoir in Emily in Paris season 3

Savoir is severely depleted at the end of season 2 of Emily in Paris with Sylvie, Luc and Julien leaving the company and it’s up to Madeline and Emily to ensure its survival.

Madeline and Sylvie constantly have a clash of egos which leads to Sylvie leaving to start her own company and she even offers Emily a job, leaving Emily with a difficult decision.

Spinning too many plates

Emily decides that she wants to work with Sylvie because she has more experience with the French market but she finds it hard to tell Madeline that she’s quitting because Madeline is pregnant and alone in a foreign country.

She encounters Antoine and Gabriel at both offices and thanks Antoine for keeping it a secret from her bosses. When her ex-boyfriend, Doug reaches out to her about pitching a campaign for Mcdonald’s, Emily takes that information to Sylvie.

Luc goes back to Savoir to pick up his laptop and bumps into Madeline. He tells her that Emily is working for them and about their meeting with Mcdonald’s. Later that night, Madeline shows up as Sylvie and Emily are meeting with the Mcdonalds’ executives.

What happens to Savoir in Emily in Paris season 3 1
Madeline crashes the meeting with the executives from Mcdonald’s

Emily’s secret is out in the open and while Madeline’s water breaks and she has to rush to the hospital, Sylvie fires Emily because she betrayed her trust.

Playing dirty

Sylvie settles on a name for her new company, calling it Agence Grateau. She attempts to bring along her old clients but when Madeline and Emily run into her while meeting one of their clients, Madeline lets Sylvie know that there was a non-compete in her contract when Savoir was bought over.

With a lack of clients and no real office, Sylvie starts to get desperate. Back at the Savior, the lift shuts down and Emily asks Luc for help talking to the building manager.

Sylvie uses this situation to her advantage and charms the building manager to make life difficult for Madeline at the office. He turns the heat up and lets out a live pigeon in their office, forcing Emily and Madeline to scramble.

What happens to Savoir in Emily in Paris season 3 2
Emily and Madeline face many issues at the Savoir office

Madeline finally has enough and contacts her bosses back in Chicago to break the lease and tells Emily that they’ll be working from her hotel room till they find something more suitable.

Following her dreams

With the stresses of motherhood and trying to run a company, Madeline is particularly tuckered out with their whole ordeal in Paris. Corporate decides to shut down operations there since they’re not gaining new clients or making any money.

What happens to Savoir in Emily in Paris season 3 3
Emily quits her job at Savoir so that she can stay in Paris

Madeline lets Emily know that they’ll be headed back to Chicago but Emily doesn’t want to leave because she’s built a life for herself in this city. She finally quits Savoir so that she can stay behind in Paris and Madeline wishes her all the best for the future.

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