Wedding Season ending explained: Do Asha and Ravi end up together?

Wedding Season is a romantic comedy about Asha and Ravi, two second-generation Indian Americans who pretend to date in order to appease their parents. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Wedding Season is a movie that follows the lives of two second-generation Indian Americans as they try to balance work, life, love and their parents’ expectations for them.

Asha is a career-oriented woman who has recently shifted to a new job and city for a fresh start after a seemingly bad breakup. 

Ravi is a man who is apparently between jobs and is living life on his own terms, albeit with constant parental pressure to get married.

The two meet through a dating website where their parents set up a profile for them, and even arranged the date for them to meet as well.

While things begin with a rocky start, the two devise a plan to pretend to date each other for the entirety of the wedding season, as a clever fake-dating ploy to get nosy aunts and their parents off their backs.

What starts off as a relationship of convenience, soon blossoms and sparks into something more. 

The two manage their respective careers, lives and secrets as they get to know each other more, between attending the dozens of marriage ceremonies they were invited to.

A deal with a firm in Singapore goes through for Asha, and she calls her family together to share the ‘big news.’ Her mother misreads the situation and thinks that this is a sign that Asha and Ravi are going to get engaged.

The chaos that follows also leads to several other announcements that shock the two families.

With several revelations about Ravi, his unfinished college education and current job as a DJ come to the front. Asha does not appreciate the lies she had been fed, and this creates a rift between the pair.

It is revealed that Ravi also helped fund and invested in a venture Asha was working on, and when she realises how he contributed to her promotion, she gets upset.

The eventual resolution of their differences and misunderstandings, amidst preparations for Asha’s sister’s wedding help to set the base for a happy ending for the couple in this simple tale of love and understanding.

Through communication and internalised feelings of love and marriage, all the characters in the film eventually learn to love, respect and accept each other in spite of their differences in opinion. 

Wedding Season ending explained in detail:

Who is the girl Asha sees Ravi talking to?

After she finds her sister worrying about a lifetime of commitment on the morning of her wedding day, Asha talks it out with her and comes to actualise the depth of her feelings for Ravi as well.

Instead of getting ready for the upcoming nuptials, she rushes to Ravi’s parents’ restaurant, hoping to find him there.

She does see him there, however, while he was having a meal with another girl. She confesses her misunderstandings, wishes him the best and walks away before Ravi can explain.

It is later revealed that the woman he was dining with was actually his cousin, thereby clearing up all misconceptions.

Do Asha and Ravi end up together?

After Asha sees Ravi at the restaurant, she rushes back to the wedding venue and gets ready just in time for the ceremony.

At the reception after the wedding, the DJ is none other than Ravi. An aunt tries to put a spoke in their relationship again, but Ravi and his father clear the air together.

Ravi delivers a heartfelt speech, and the two reconcile and can be seen dancing the night away together, raising hopes for their own happy ending at the end of this wedding season.

Does Asha relocate to London for her job?

After the success of the Singapore deal and Ravi’s investment, Asha gets an offer for a promotion at her workplace, and a chance to relocate to the headquarters in London.

She was a bit hesitant at first, but after a lot of contemplation and a talk with her boss and her father, it seems that she had made up her mind to take on the offer.

While it is not clearly stated, in the last few moments it is hinted that Asha and Ravi both relocate to London, and start a life and share a routine of their own together.

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