Masaba Masaba season 2 ending explained: Do Masaba and Dhairya end up together?

Masaba Masaba season 2 is a semi-fictional portrayal of the life of fashion designer Masaba Gupta and her mother, actress Neena Gupta. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the end of season 1, Masaba is afraid that she’s pregnant and even gets nightmares about it. On a talk show, Neena accidentally announces that she will be reviving Fursat, an old show she produced herself and acted in.

Masaba gets insecure when an influencer named Qayanaat’s collection launch overshadows her own. Neena and Gia figure out Masaba might be pregnant but are relieved when the test turns out negative.

Dhairya, an investor in House of Masaba, is attracted to Masaba and encourages her to forget the newcomers and focus on her own work. But before he can ask her out, she decides to put her personal life on the back burner.

Masaba decides to create ‘House of Shaadi’ a new collection for weddings. To launch it with a bang, she takes up high-profile clients; the wedding of Aisha Mehrauli and Fateh Sikandar.

Neena attempts to get a co-actor on board for the Fursat revival, managing to convince her old flame, Shekhar. Dhairya confesses that he wanted to ask out Masaba earlier.

With the channel pressuring her, Neena starts to have doubts about working with them. In an interview with Masaba and Neena, the former accidentally says that she is thinking of freezing her eggs.

Her mother is completely against the idea and the fact that Masaba took such a huge decision without talking to her.

When Masaba shows Aisha the designs for her wedding dress, she completely shuts it down and accuses Masaba of making designs according to her own taste and not the clients.

Fateh contacts Masaba directly and hints at Aisha’s true personality to help her design the dress she would truly wants.

Masaba and Qayanaat’s rivalry aggravates when the former insults the latter at a show where both are guest judges.

During a party for Masab completing ten years in the industry, Neena gives a heartfelt speech about how proud she is of her daughter and how they started the journey together.

At the same party, Masaba confidently claims that she is not worried about newcomers like Qayanaat and there’s enough space in the industry for everyone.

Masaba is left shocked when one of the interviewers asks her about the death of her mentor, Wendell Rodricks, leaving her distraught.

With Masaba struggling, Dhairya stays with her for support but when she tries to kiss him, he backs away, not wanting to start anything while she is grieving.

Neena struggles with the immature director who thinks he knows better than her as they attempt to shoot a Pilot for the channel.

Masaba cracks what Aisha wants and the wedding day closes in. Mehek, one of the relatives, is frustrated as the clothes are not in her size, concerning Masaba.

As Gia continues to be distant, Masaba figures out that she is undergoing depression and suggests talking to a professional therapist.

En route to the wedding in Kashmir, Fateh has a change of heart after Aisha’s mother talks about regretting the ‘what ifs’. Unsure about the arranged marriage, he intentionally misses the plane alongside Masaba.

She tries to bring him back to his senses but he continues to be reluctant. The two start their journey to Patnitop via road.

Along the way, Fateh hits on Masaba and kisses her. She is unsure of what she feels herself but drags him to the wedding for the sake of her brand.

Meanwhile, the channel loves the pilot edited by the director. Neena isn’t satisfied with the regressive plot and convinces Shekhar to pitch to other channels.

Masaba arrives at the wedding and sees Fateh dancing with Aisha. Later in the night, she gets a voice note from Dhairya, who tells her he did not want to start at that note, which is why he didn’t let her kiss him.

She calls him but Fateh arrives at the door, drunk, and Masaba forgets about the call. He talks about their kiss and how he wants to kiss her again.

However, Masaba understands that he only wants to sleep with her and will happily get married the next day. She shuts the door on him both literally and metaphorically but doesn’t realise that Dhairya overheard them on the phone.

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Does Fateh get married to Aisha?

Masaba continues to be professional after the incident, even creating a dress specifically for Mehek, who is elated by this.

Concerned about Aisha, Masaba has a talk with her. Looking at how she is ready if anything goes wrong in her life, Masaba decides she will be fine no matter what Fateh does and lets her be.

Fateh and Aisha get married but Masaba doesn’t want to wait for the public launch of the clothes, instead deciding to pursue whom she wants; Dhairya.

Why does Shekhar betray Neena?

Neena is finding some success pitching her show to streaming platforms and Shekhar appears to be fully supportive. However, Neena gets a call from the channel that greenlit the show threatening to sue her as they have the rights to it.

The channel executive also reveals that Shekhar has already signed for the Fursat revival and Neena will get the contract as well. If she doesn’t sign, legal action will be taken against her.

Hurt by the betrayal, she sends Shekhar away. He had betrayed her exactly in the same way in the past when he left their show, and her, for ‘better opportunities’.

This time, she calls her out for being a coward and never being able to reach great heights because he doesn’t have the courage, but she does.

Why does Masaba shut down House of Shaadi?

Despite the success and rave reviews for the grand launch of her latest collection, Masaba opts to bring this experiment to an end.

She had never really felt excited by the project. She lets her team know that despite her bagging the grand finale at the fashion show of Flair Magazine, the collection will be discontinued.

During the entire launch, the only fact that made her happy was how she was able to make Mehek feel beautiful by making a dress specifically for her.

She also reminisces how when she was growing up, there were no proper options for her. Thus, she has decided to make a teenage collection for all shapes and sizes.

What happens to Neena’s show?

Neena finally relents and accepts her daughter’s decision to freeze her eggs. The mother-daughter duo look at old pictures and reminisce about the past.

Inspire by Masaba’s decision to go with her instincts and close down House of Shaadi in favour of what she truly desires, Neena chooses to shun the channels as well.

After Masaba successfully freezes her eggs for a chance to have children in the future, Neena gets a call from Netflix.

The platform has greenlit a talk show with Neena as the host called ‘Sach Kahu Toh’. Masaba and Gia congratulate her before going to the grand finale, which turns out to be a massive success.

Where do Masaba and Dhairya stand?

After returning from Kashmir abruptly, Masaba talks to Dhairya, who reveals he overheard Fateh talking about the kiss. Despite her apologising, he decides to end whatever is between them as well the investment in House of Masaba.

Later, during the fashion show, Masaba invites him but he is leaving for New York, putting any possible relationship between them in doubts.

After the successful finale, Masaba confronts him directly, opening up about her fear of getting close to people because they might leave, which is why she pushes them away.

Dhairya responds that he has a different problem; he never leaves. After he shows her the cancelled flight ticket, the two share a kiss.

But this moment is interrupted by a phone call from Masaba’s father, whom she had wanted to reach out to throughout the season. This sets up season 3 for the series.

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