Warwick Detention in Mayor of Kingstown season 2 explained

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2, Mike, Evelyn, and Moore are introduced to a prison handled by the Warwick Group that has managed to avoid violence during the riot.

After the prison riot, Kingstown turned into an open battlefield, with people dying inside and outside the prison. Mike tries to control the situation but learns that the lack of leaders inside the prison is the reason people are getting killed in broad daylight.

Upon realizing that innocents, who have nothing to do with these gang wars, are dying, Mike makes some hasty decisions and puts the gang leaders of four major gangs in Kingstown inside the prison.

He cuts a deal with them and asks them to restore order inside the prison as quickly as they can. While he continues to work with them, Evelyn invites him to a prison that saw no violence during the riot.

Warwick Group’s prisons

A woman named Wendy gives Mike, Moore, and Evelyn a tour of Warwick Detention. It is the sole private penial institution in Kingstown, run by the Warwick Group since 2018.

Moore likes to believe that the reason Warwick Detention has managed to avoid violence is that their prison has no yard time, no education service, no cafeteria, and no commissary.

Warwick Detention in Mayor of Kingstown season 2 explained 1
Inside Warwick Detention

Wendy laughs, stating that Moore is literally describing the Tent City. She further elaborates on Warwick Group’s future plans. They are looking forward to repairing and retrofitting Kingstown in the next three years.

In the next five years, they see every prison in Kingstown being contracted to the Warwick Group.

Wendy says that they are planning to bring some of their inmates to Anchor Bay in the next week. Though they are overbooked already, they know how to warehouse. They have facilities in other counties and other states as well.

Mike’s views on the Warwick Detention

Mike discusses this with Evelyn in the back during the tour. He doesn’t believe that Warwick Group will be taking over the prisons, but Evelyn clarifies that this is happening, and that’s the reason she called him here.

Mike thought that they are still debating in Lansing. He also points out that the report on the riot isn’t out. It turns out that the Warwick Group is working on that report. Evelyn tries to convince him to get to know them, as they could be helpful.

After watching Wendy sell Warwick Detention, Mike deduces that she is more like a real estate agent. He asks Evelyn to look at the prison’s staff, who all look like they are on some sort of safari.

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