Mike’s plan to restore gang leaders in Mayor of Kingstown season 2 explained

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2, the town becomes a war zone due to the absence of gang leaders inside the prison. The death of innocent people in this war encourages Mike to come up with a plan to restore some order.

In Kingstown, a war inside the prison affects the war outside the prison. If someone is killed inside, there is a high chance that someone from their side will avenge them outside.

Since the prison riot, the inmates inside have lost leaders, and that’s why crimes are taking place in broad daylight. On top of that, the guards allow them to kill each other.

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 2, Mike comes across a crime scene where, apart from the gang members, innocent people who have no part in this war are also killed during the shootout.

Mike follows a blood trail near that crime scene and comes across an injured gang member who was involved in this shootout. He reveals that the gangs are not sparing anyone. They are targeting whoever they see in sight.

He claims that a rival gang killed his eight-year-old sister, though there weren’t any gang members at the scene.

Mike’s plan that is going to sting

Mike confronts Bunny for letting a shootout like this take place under his flag. Bunny defends himself, stating that he didn’t order this and that someone else is cooking something up.

This mess won’t solve unless there are leaders inside the prison. Furthermore, he blames the guards for not looking after the inmates inside the prison.

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Bunny disapproves of Mike’s plan

Mike comes up with a plan to restore leadership inside. He asks Bunny to trust him on this as it is going to sting him a lot. Bunny shows that trust, though Mike doesn’t tell him what the plan is going to be.

Mike immediately calls Evelyn on his way and offers her the leaders of the four worst gangs in Kingstown. He wants her to charge them for the possession of firearms.

They will go inside the prison to select new leaders and reinstate a leadership structure. Once that job is done, he needs her to drop those charges and let them go.

Mike puts all the gang leaders under arrest

Mike gathers Kareem, Sawyer, and Carney at the location where they are going to meet the gang leaders. One by one, these leaders arrive, including Bunny.

Mike instructs them that whatever truce and agreement they come up with here should be enforced inside. He assures them that the interim warden will patrol the prison again and that they will intervene in all the conflicts.

Mike introduces them to Evelyn, the assistant district attorney, who will give them the hard pill that they will have to swallow. She comes along with the cops and Sawyer’s team.

Mike announces that they are all being placed under arrest for the felony of possession of firearms. He explains to them that once they restore peace inside, the charges will be dropped.

Bunny shows his disapproval towards Mike, who asks him if he has some other way. Mike then turns away while the cops arrest his friend, but Bunny insists Mike watch as he gets arrested.

The prison inmates shout out loudly, waiting for new arrivals. They stop all the shouting once they see their gang leaders come out of the bus. It feels like the air at the prison has completely changed.

The inmates stare at the leaders. Bunny breaks the silence by stating that they don’t pray to the gods here in the prison because if they had prayed, they wouldn’t have been staring at the devil.

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