Vicky and Her Mystery summary and ending explained

‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ is a French movie, based on real events, which revolves around little Victoria and her father who take a dog in after the mother passes away.


A little wolf watches from hiding as a his parent is being shot by humans. To save his own life, he runs the other way just after witnessing the death.

Victoria (Shanna Keil) and her father Stephane (Vincent Elbaz) relocate to a small village in the mountains after her mother’s demise. Not many people live in this mountainous yet beautiful area. Victoria’s uncle, Thierry (Eric Elmosnino) even jokes that “only four people live here”.

After losing her mother, Victoria has stopped speaking. All her father’s trials to talk to her end in vain, but it’s not that she hates him. The duo try and make the best of their grim situation and a jolly Thierry gives them some relief in their lonely space.

The next day, Stephane asks Victoria to join him for a walk. Though she doesn’t say anything, she silently walks up to him with her shoes in her hand indicating her will to go along. The two of them travel for long only to lose their way. In their quest to reach home, thankfully they come across a house.

The owner of this house in the middle of nowhere is an old man (Tchéky Karyo). He introduces Vicoria to a puppy, calling it “the gift of the forest”, and tells her that it needs an owner. This is the time Victoria finally talks; she asks for the puppy’s name. The name is Mystery.

Victoria secretly brings the puppy along in her bag and hides it in her room. When she goes to school the next day, she talks to her father in a long time. The man is overjoyed. Here he meets Anna (Marie Gillain), a fellow parent. This interaction strikes their friendship.

Though the little girl tries to hide Mystery in her room, Stephan discovers it. Seeing that Victoria has become a brighter kid after meeting Mystery, he agrees to adopt it after little convincing.

The little family of three spends happy times together wondering about the forest. Some of the emptiness in both the father’s and daughter’s hearts is remedied with the new member joining them.

Mystery has become bigger now. He has a big paw, long pointy ears and for a young dog he is huge. One day, mystery tags along Victoria to her school. Upon Anna asking which breed Mystery belongs too, Stephan tells her that he doesn’t know. Thierry thinks that it is a husky.

On the way back home from dropping Victoria from school that day, the roads are blocked due to rallies being held for catching wolves as they have terrorised the farmers and their cattle. A few days later Anna expresses her concern to Stephan that Mystery may not be a dog but a wolf.

While playing around, the family encounters a wolf which makes Stephan realise that Mystery might actually be a wolf and decide to get it tested. The test results show that Mystery is indeed is a wolf after all. Anna gives them that evening to spend with Mystery and then asks him to send Mystery to the reservation the next day.

Stephan decides to put Mystery into hiding and not give him up. The next day while everyone is at the school for the celebration on Halloween, the farmers go to Stephan’s and Victoria’s place, only to find the wolf. Now, they have to give Mystery up.

Do the wolf and Victoria reunite?

Vicky and Her Mystery explained in detail:

Tricky reunion

In the middle of all the hullabaloo that goes on around the wolf hunting and how wolves are dangerous, Mystery comes to meet Victoria and Stephan again.

After Mystery escapes from the reserve, this is the second time he comes to meet his family. Victoria follows him around in the snow for quite some time but collapses due to the onset of hypothermia.

Her father fortunately locates her just in time before things go severely wrong.

The fateful shot

A farmer whose herd has been attacked by wolves multiple times, spots Mystery and he follows him with a gun. Upon spotting Mystery, Victoria rushes towards it and Stephan follows her.

Mystery is shot while Victoria is in a close proximity which infuriates Stephan and he punches the farmer. Stephan manages to control his rage, given the situation.

The wolf’s life is in danger so they decide that he needs to undergo immediate surgery. Earlier in the movie Stephan questions his decision of not performing his wife’s surgery himself. But this time he does it himself.

Into the wild

Mystery is saved due to the surgery and everyone is overjoyed, especially Victoria.

While he slowly recovers, Victoria realises that Mystery’s life would be in danger as long as he stays with them in the human world. They release him in a valley near Impramau with the other wolves.

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