Emily in Paris season 2 summary and ending explained

In ‘Emily in Paris’, Emily Cooper, a Chicago marketing executive, embraces her exciting new life while juggling work, friends, and romance after securing her dream position in Paris.


Emily and Mindy are living together. Emily is nervous about meeting Camille because she wants to talk about Gabriel. At the station, Emily joins Mathieu Cadault and the two board the train to St. Tropez. However, Mathieu understands that Emily and Gabriel have affection for each other after overhearing a phone call between them and cancels the vacation. Instead, Camille and Mindy decide to follow Emily.

During her trip, Emily allows fashion designer Grégory Elliott Duprée to use the bag Rimowa created for Pierre Cadault in certain images. This, however, puts her in jeopardy because Grégory and Pierre are enemies.

Meanwhile, Camille’s family’s champagne, Champére, is being promoted by Savoir, who is selling it at Laurent G., a trendy club in St. Tropez. There, Emily unexpectedly bumps into Sylvie and learns that Laurent Grateau, the club’s owner, is her husband.

Later, Sylvie and Julien resolve the matter with Rimowa and Pierre, with the old fashion designer agreeing to the “ringarde” baggage design. In the meantime, Emily is planning her birthday dinner and hopes to reunite Camille and Gabriel, especially since the former is still in love with the latter. When Camille leaves the party to retrieve some champagne from Emily’s fridge, she finds Gabriel’s unique pan on the countertop, which he refuses to give away. She quickly grasps the gravity of the issue.

When Camille returns to the party, she offers a toast accusing Emily of pretending to be her friend while having an affair with her boyfriend. Emily later fails her level 1 French lesson and is forced to sit with a new group of students.

Meanwhile, Mindy forms a busking band with Benoît and Étienne, who was previously only a “dame pipi” in a drag bar. Emily resolves to write Camille an apologetic letter in French at work.

Emily is obliged to sit next to Alfie, a London-based banker who is uninterested in learning French and despises Paris, in French class. When Camille’s mother asks Emily to return to the Champére account, Camille and Emily sit down for lunch and put their differences aside.

However, Emily agrees to a contract with Camille, ostensibly on the advice of her mother Louise, that neither of them will ever date Gabriel.

Later, Emily invites Mindy’s band to perform on a bateau-mouche at the Chopard soirée. Emily then informs Gabriel that she is not interested in dating him because she will only be in Paris for a year and then return to Chicago.

Then, when Gabriel’s restaurant, Chez Lavaux, opens, tensions rise. Gabriel wants it to be a restaurant, while Antoine wants it to be a nightclub. Camille and Emily, on the other hand, persuade both men to compromise. Meanwhile, Sylvie begins an affair with Erik DeGroot, a photographer.

Benoît and Mindy develop affection for each other at the same time that Alfie and Emily begin dating. Emily and Alfie had sex when she goes to Alfie’s flat for the air conditioner. She is unable to call him the next day. We do learn, though, that Alfie’s phone was in Emily’s jacket when she left his apartment in the morning.

By coming to Chez Lavaux, Alfie meets Emily and starts up a connection with Gabriel. Gabriel subsequently informs Emily that he now understands why she doesn’t want to date him, it’s because of her new boyfriend, not the “expiration date”.

Later, Emily and Camille travel to Champagne to work on Champére’s marketing. However, Camille’s father loses the tip of his finger due to a bizarre accident involving Gérard, a sword, and a bottle-opening challenge.

Louise requests Gabriel to rush over to the château, as though the issue is critical. Emily feels like the third wheel after Gabriel comes, which is precisely what Louise wants because she wants to see her daughter renew her former connection. Meanwhile, Sylvie relaxes and mingles with Erik’s pals.

Emily’s Chicago boss from the Gilbert Group, Madeline Wheeler, arrives in Paris for an executive check-in of Savoir. Sylvie and Madeline’s relationship quickly deteriorates, since the latter is extremely American, loud, and thorough. Meanwhile, owing to Étienne, Benoît and Mindy break up after he learns about her billionaire father.

Alfie and Emily begin to have deep affection for one another. Madeline then notices that for years, Savoir has been undercharging Maison Lavaux. Antoine’s wife, Catherine, tells Madeline about her husband’s romance with Sylvie during the Laboratorie Lavaux opening. She also claims that the relationship is finished because Sylvie is now seeing Erik. Meanwhile, Luc informs Alfie about Emily and Gabriel by accident.

Emily and Gabriel clear the air, and the two appear to be closer than ever. Madeline then employs Emily to conduct a thorough investigation into Savoir’s accounts. She determines that a personnel change is necessary. Madeline eventually pushes Savoir to take on Grégory as a client, despite the fact that he is Pierre’s competitor.

When the band performs their song in a Chinese supper club, Mindy and Benoît reunite. Grégory’s fashion show is a huge success after that, and the designer reconciles with his former mentor, Pierre. However, Sylvie resigns from her job just as Madeline informs her that her performance will be submitted to a 360-degree assessment. Emily stares with disbelief as Julien and Luc leave Savoir with her.

Emily in Paris season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Emily end up with Alfie or Gabriel?

Emily runs into Alfie and informs him about her tumultuous employment circumstances. He then reluctantly admits that he was scheduled to depart Paris a week ago but lingered because of her. He says he’s open to a long-distance relationship and that she should plan their schedules. Emily enthusiastically agrees to his proposal and kisses him.

Madeline, ignoring Emily’s reservations, prepares to Americanize the French company at Savoir. Later, Emily is invited to lunch by Sylvie, Julien, and Luc. Sylvie tells Emily that she is creating a new firm with the money she received from selling her Laurent G. shares to her husband, and she wants Emily to be a part of it.

Emily admits that she’s unsure about her employment and love life while chatting about her troubles with Mindy in the park. She then claims she’s “in love with her friend’s guy” by accident. Camille’s foolish pact causes Mindy to beg her to embrace her feelings and not hesitate.

As a result, Emily dashes over to Gabriel’s place to profess her feelings for him. However, she spots Camille unpacking her luggage inside his house just as she begins to speak. Camille takes off her headphones and joyfully informs Emily that Gabriel has invited her to live with him.

Later, Emily phones Sylvie to inform her that she has made her decision. So, it’s clear that Emily wants to choose Gabriel – she’s in love with him — but is unable to do so. Gabriel adores her as much, but is upset by her decision to date Alfie. Furthermore, Emily agreed to pursue a long-distance relationship with Alfie, who is oblivious to Emily’s love for Gabriel. Alfie also appears to be falling for her and is going to be quite committed.

Emily appears to have three options: split up with Alfie and embrace her single life, continue with Alfie in the hopes of getting over Gabriel, or leave Alfie, admit her emotions to Gabriel, wait for him and Camille to break up, and then date him.

Does Emily quit Savoir?

Emily is currently unable to return to Chicago after a year and must remain in Paris in order for Madeline to develop Savoir into the perfect American-run French company. Emily is still employed at Savoir, despite the resignation of Sylvie and her colleagues. Emily, on the other hand, is unclear how to proceed.

She understands that siding with Madeline will earn her the promotion in Chicago for which she has worked her entire professional life. She also sees that Madeline, who appears to be so fond of her, is actually exploitative and has no regard for the French way of life.

Meanwhile, Emily is flattered that Sylvie has asked her to join her in her new enterprise. Plus, Julien, Vic, and Grégory all want her to support Sylvie; the designer, in particular, has stated that he will only work with Sylvie if Emily is on board. Furthermore, unlike Madeline, many of Savoir’s clientele will choose Sylvie since she is French and a well-known face.

Overall, Emily will have to remain in Paris regardless of which side she picks. However, in the final scene, a tearful Emily contacts Sylvie and tells her that she has made her decision, ending at a cliffhanger. Emily is unlikely to leave Savoir and join Sylvie’s new venture very away; her loyalty to Madeline will compel her to stay until things deteriorate.

Although she had earlier shown a willingness to embrace the anarchy around her, the experience with Gabriel and Camille appears to have shaken her, and she may seek out Madeline’s cool embrace of a regimented American work ethic.

Following that, Emily will most likely join Sylvie’s firm and cut relations with Savoir. As a result, it’s nearly certain that Emily will switch her allegiances from Madeline to Sylvie – the only question is when. In a startling twist, we might even find Madeline admitting her mistakes and adopting the French viewpoint!

What is Emily’s decision?

Season 2 of Emily in Paris concludes on a cliffhanger. Emily explores the streets of Paris, heartbroken after Camille cut short her statement of love for Gabriel. She then picks up the phone and dials Sylvie’s number to provide her response.

Emily in Paris is the title of the show, of course! Emily has also adjusted to France more than she expects, as evidenced by Mad’s visit to the office. Emily is now getting a new perspective on how impolite she was when she first came in Paris, thanks to Madeline’s early hours and aggressive business style

And, as she tells Gabriel, her year abroad has turned into a lifetime. So, yes, Emily will be quitting her job and joining Sylvie.

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