Upload season 2 summary and ending explained

Season 2 of ‘Upload’ follows up on the mystery behind Nathan’s (Robbie Amell) murder while Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) uploads herself permanently to Lakeview to be closer to Nathan. The season is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Nora (Andy Allo) heads to the Ludds community in the forest with the help of her father for her safety. Nathan wakes up after 2 weeks in the 2gig to find Ingrid waiting for him all set to spend the rest of their afterlife together.

Nathan is constantly thinking about his last exchange with Nora and wants to reach out to her but has no way of getting in touch with her because she got rid of all of her technology.

It also turns out that Ingrid is pretending to be uploaded while spending all day in a hug suit in the real world. She’s trying her best to make her relationship with Nathan work.

Ingrid decides to have a dinner party with a few esteemed guests as a sort of status exercise and Nathan agrees to it. Nora has fit in quite seamlessly with the Ludds and joins their cause to disrupt the upload community as a means of protest against classism.

She gets close with Matteo (Paulo Costanzo) after seeing Nathan and Ingrid kiss each other in Lakeview. At the dinner party, a temp hired by Aleesha (Zainab Johnson) uses Nora’s old avatar and that makes things awkward for Nathan.

The party goes by like a trainwreck but it makes Nathan realise how unfair life at Lakeview is and he decides to do something about it. Using his tech skills he begins to steal minimal amounts of data from the wealthy and hand it to the 2gigs.

He does with the help of Luke (Kevin Bigley) and Ingrid, who is someone else Ingrid hired to pretend to be her for a few hours. They have a great time together and get out just before they’re caught by the security who have noticed some discrepancies.

Family day approaches with Nathan’s mother and niece coming to visit. It’s the same day that the Ludds decide to set a virus loose in Lakeview with the help of Nora. While seems apprehensive at first, she goes through with it eventually.

While watching everyone glitch out, Nora has a change of heart and decides to fix the bug and help get rid of the virus. She cannot agree to their actions in good conscience.

With the cyber attack, Horizon is given leeway to peel back some of its restrictions concerning upload privacy. They promote this new feature called Mindfrisk that allows programmers to observe an upload’s thoughts in real-time to root out any threats.

Later that day, Nora and Nathan go to investigate Mindfrisk and find out that David Choak (William B. Davis) had a major hand in Nathan’s murder. They leave behind some bugs to delay the launch of Mindfrisk and switch their focus to investigating David Choak next.

Nora sees that David Choak has downloaded himself onto a robot in New York so she makes a plan with Nathan to go check it out along with Aleesha and Luke. While Aleesha and Luke think this is just another tourist trip, Nathan and Nora are following the movements of Choak.

They follow him around New York until they arrive at a future Freeyond outlet that is set to open in Queens. While looking up the number of Freeyond outlets in Ney York and all over America, they realise Choak’s real plan.

He means to open more outlets in the poorer communities of electoral swing states so that they can strategically tip an election in the favour of the elite class. Aleesha finds out that she was just being taken along for their investigation and storms off because she felt betrayed.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Upload season 2 ending explained in detail (Episode 7: Download):

A means to fight back

Nathan and Nora are trying to figure out a way to stop Freeyond and Choak from accomplishing their evil plans but the only option that Nora can think of is approaching the Ludds for support. Nathan is not a fan of that idea but he knows he has no other choice.

Ingrid has gotten the approval for her digital baby and is getting ready for her doctor’s appointment with Nathan. She’s using this opportunity to convince Nathan that his future is with her, even though her mind is getting warped because of her obsession.

At the doctor’s, Ingrid wants Nathan to carry the baby, but he’s not up for that, nor does he want to continue their relationship. She begins to lose the plot and lets it slip that she’s growing another body of his for him to download to and that she’s pretending to be uploaded.

This makes his decision easier and he tells Nora that he can download onto his body to help them disrupt the launch of Freeyond.

Back to the land of the living

Nora manages to get the majority of the Ludds to support her cause with Matteo and a few others joining her as they head to Los Angeles where Ingrid has Nathan’s body.

Outside one of the Freeyond centres which haven’t opened yet, Nathan’s mother is waiting in line to upload herself as a surprise for her son. She asks her niece not to tell him anything.

Nathan temporarily moves in with Luke but he tells him that he’ll be gone soon as he is downloading. Luke is hurt to hear this and the two of them share a warm embrace.

Nora and the others reach the facility where Nathan’s body is kept and they find Ingrid waiting there. She threatens the derail the process so that no one else can have Nathan but Nora talks her down. They successfully download Nathan’s consciousness onto his body.

A tense and complicated future

As soon as Nathan wakes up he locks eyes with Nora and the two of them look at each other longingly. Then he walks up to Ingrid and thanks her for her devotion and understanding.

Luke sets up his couch with the help of the AI guy in the hopes that Nathan might eventually return despite having it pointed out that he downloaded onto a real body.

Nathan and Nora share a compartment on the Hyperloop back to New York and they make love to each other. Nathan wakes up later on and finds himself bleeding from the nose, a sign that the download wasn’t without issue.

Ingrid goes through a box of Nathan’s stuff and finds a brush with some of his hair. She has this crazed look on her face as she looks at this very real DNA of his that she possesses.

At Horizon, the temp realizes that Nathan is gone, and reboots another version of him without the knowledge that he has downloaded. Aleesha takes the promotion and moves up the Horizon hierarchy, not sure what she’s signing up for.

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