Trovere’s death in See season 3 explained

For the past few episodes, Harlan and Trovere have been on a backstabbing spree, which comes to a close during a battle at the House of Enlightenment.

Trovere tricked Harlan and brought him to the Trivantian territory in order to convince him to join her. She was forced to be a part of the new Triangle, which consists of her, Tormada, and Nevla.

Trovere feared the power Tormada wielded with the bombs he had. She and Harlan saw an example of it when Tormada finished the former council members of the Triangle in a matter of seconds.

Trovere saved Harlan from the bomb’s impact and brought him home, although the original plan was to have him killed in the same blast.

She confessed her love and gave him two choices. Either he can stay with her and live a happy life in the Trivantian Empire, or he can go back to Pennsa, which will soon perish once Tormada attacks.

Harlan backstabs Trovere

For the time being, Harlan joined Trovere as he was in the Trivantian territory surrounded by Tormada’s army. He was also a part of the army led by Tormada and Trovere that ambushed Baba Voss and his friends at the House of Enlightenment.

Trovere's death in See season 3 explained 1
Harlan betrays Trovere

After negotiating with Baba Voss, Tormada took his bombs and left with half of his army. With Tormada gone, Harlan and Trovere were in charge of making sure Baba Voss and his group dies.

All this time, Harlan was plotting an escape with his friend Guntar, who arrived after Tormada was far away from the House of Enlightenment. Harlan signaled his friends, who took out the rest of the Trivantes.

Harlan tries to save Trovere

Much like how Trovere saved Harlan from the Trivantes, even Harlan wanted to give Trovere a chance to switch sides.

Harlan told Trovere that he is attached to his old life and therefore doesn’t want to join the Trivantians.

Trovere warned Harlan that they will destroy Pennsa and everyone in it. Holding a knife against her, Harlan asked Trovere to reconsider and stand down.

Trovere's death in See season 3 explained 2
Harlan says his final goodbye to Trovere

He accidentally ended up stabbing her as he knew she won’t betray the Trivantians. Trovere questioned if he ever loved her, at least a little, and Harlan admitted it as he saw her die.

Harlan ordered his friends to send Trovere’s body back to her house and to make sure no one finds out that she was part of all this.

Guntar decided to stay back with his heartbroken friend, despite the fact that this war won’t end well for them.

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