See season 3 episode 5 recap & review: The House of Enlightenment

The fifth episode of See season 3 sees Baba Voss and his group battling Tormada, who has his army surrounding them at the House of Enlightenment. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Sibeth Kane approaches the Witchfinders and claims what went down with her is what God wanted. She calls herself their queen and asks them to join her so that she can take her throne back from her sister.

At the House of Enlightenment, Baba Voss and his group lock themselves inside a room to avoid clashing with Tormada’s army.

Tormada figures out that Jerlamarel’s kids had outside help. They won’t take on his soldiers on their own. He first makes sure that they still have their hands on the bombs and then sends his soldiers to look for the children.

Wren, Charlotte, and Lu take the children away from the House of Enlightenment. They are followed by Captain Armagon’s small pack. The trio gets the best of them and kills each one of them, including Armagon.

Tormada, on the other hand, comes across the locked room where Baba Voss and his group is hiding. He was ready to negotiate and soon found out that the Ranger and Baba Voss are inside.

Harlan suggests Tormada to wait, since the dead soldiers have arrows on their chests. That means Haniwa is inside with Voss, and so is Kofun.

Voss will do anything to protect his children and will soon come down to negotiate. Sheva wanted to give herself up, but Voss believes Tormada is someone whose word can’t be trusted.

So, Baba Voss and his group began gathering everything they could, which will help them combat Tormada whenever he tries to barge in.

Tormada waited long enough and sent his soldiers inside. The group inside took them out one by one, either through their swordsmanship or through innovative traps that Kofun came up with.

While the battle continued inside, Tormada took the bombs and left with one-half of his army. The other half stayed with Harlan and Trovere in charge.

Harlan’s friend Guntar arrived. He saw this as an opening and signaled to Harlan. They killed the Trivantes standing outside while Harlan tried to convince Trovere to join him.

Trovere was not ready for that, leaving Harlan no choice but to kill her.

Baba Voss comes out with his group, and he confronts Harlan, who claims he bought them time. Tormada is heading towards Pennsa.

Voss knows all the routes to Pennsa. Therefore, he wanted an injured Kofun to rest.

As they do that, Baba Voss picks up a fuel can and burns down the House of Enlightenment, so that the knowledge there won’t be used against them ever again.

Haniwa argues with Kofun and her father. She is distraught that she let her father burn centuries of knowledge.

Sheva later reveals to Haniwa that there are other people out there who are running places like the House of Enlightenment.


  • The fifth episode was an action-packed offering with Baba Voss’ group working together.
  • The chemistry between Voss and the Ranger was a treat to see, along with the coordinated attacks from their group.
  • Harlan continues to surprise by pulling off his move on the Trivantians. As wise as he may seem, he is definitely a fan favorite at this point.
  • The episode ends by establishing a bigger universe for the show, although this is the final season of the series.
See season 3 episode 5
See season 3 episode 5 recap & review: The House of Enlightenment 1

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