Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans ending explained: What is the Kronisfere?

Trollhunters is an American computer-animated fantasy television series created for Netflix by Guillermo del Toro and produced by DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You Productions. Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans is the finale of this franchise and is a full-length feature film.

The Trollhunters franchise is essentially set upon the fantasy storyline of humans vs monsters. It tells the story of Jim Lake Jr., a kid who discovers a mysterious amulet and finds a hidden realm filled with trolls and other mythical creatures. 

Soon after, he and his pals are tasked with safeguarding the rest of the world from the terrifying creatures that lurk in the shadows of their little suburban town.

As the finale feature film, Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans features the Trollhunters joining forces with the other heroes from the series, 3Below & Wizards (Guardians of Arcadia), to combat the sinister Arcane Order, who has reawakened the primordial Titans.

Since Jim loses his amulet that enables him to become a trollhunter, he is shown to fight against the odds and gain his own trust in his capability of being a hero, without the amulet. 

Meanwhile, the three titans Fire, Ice and Nature have to get together and arrive at Arcadia, the centre of the universe that carries the heartstone, to destroy the Earth and restart it from scratch. The goal essentially is to scratch out humanity from the face of the planet forever.

The Trollhunters are posed with the challenge to stop this from happening, which means to stop the Titans. All the while, Jim struggles to become a Trollhunter again and makes the new amulet work with the Excalibur.

The Trollhunters are again thrown in the face of multiple obstacles, in turn raising multiple questions. Does Jim become a Trollhunter again? Do they find the Krohnisfere? What is the ninth configuration and how will the Krohnisfere make it right? Are the Titans stopped in Arcadia? Is the world safe?

The answers lie in the building climax, and we have you covered over its explanation.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans ending explained in detail:

Krohnisfere in hand

Charlemagne, Clair, Blinky and Archie put up a fight with Zong-Shi to get hold of the Krohnisfere. In an intense turn of events, Zong-Shi gets killed by his own fate under a huge rock which, thus, leads the Krohnisfere into the hands of the Trollhunters.

While they try to escape the land through their own only way out-the bridge, outside, in the human world, the Fire Titan is faced with a secret weapon mentioned by Aja; Gun Robot, designed by Eli.

Simultaneously, back at the castle, Jim, his mother, Strickler, Aja and Toby try to fight against the Ice Titan by shooting out cannons. In his attempt to destroy the Ice Titan with a heavy strapping of bombs, Jim fails. 

This prompts Stickler to jump for help, leading him to fly the bombs to the Ice Titan himself while leaving Jim behind. This kills Stickler, while the Ice Titan remains intact, establishing the fact that the Titans can’t be destroyed easily.

Moving on, Jim, Aja and Toby reach the Fire Titan vs Gun Robot fight scene. As Aja leaves knowing that the Fire Titan cannot be beaten by Gun Robot, both Toby and Jim stay back to help the other trollhunters who went to retrieve the Krohnisfere.

Clair and Blinky return with the Krohnisfere, while Charlemagne and Archie stay back. 

Two Titans down

With the Krohnisfere in hand, the Trollhunters try to figure out Nari’s line, “Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration. Krohnisfere will make right.” 

They figure out that to stop the Titans, Nari had to be revived. Jim, Claire and Douxie get onto Nari’s Titan and Douxie revives her. Jim asks Nari to explain what her line means but her metaphorical explanation makes it hard for Jim to understand, at that moment.

Now that the Trollhunters have Nari by their side, they figure out that both the other Titans should also have to come to Arcadia for the spell to work. They have to be stopped before they step into Arcadia.

As the Ice Titan closes into Arcadia, Nari puts up a fight and tries to destroy the Ice Titan. As the fight intensifies, Nari throws the Ice Titan into the mountains that break down upon him and, in turn, kill him. This also kills Nari, the Earth Titan, implying that two of the Titans were down leaving the Fire Titan as the last.

Time to save the world

As the Fire Titan enters Arcadia, the Trollhunters figure out that even if only one Titan reaches the heartstone, this would lead to the world being destroyed and started afresh through the last Titans force, which in this case is fire.

As the Trollhunters also receive the Excalibur, Jim tries to pluck the sword from the stone, but in vain. Jim later figures out that the ninth configuration mentioned by Nari was actually the nine Trollhunters themselves. 

All nine of the Trollhunters, together with remove the Excalibur and send the stone to be replaced in the amulet. 

The Trollhunters commence a final face-off with the Fire Titan. As the fight intensifies, Jim is the last one left to face the Fire Titan. Being just a human, he is left too weak to fight against the Titan.

As the stone gets replaced in the amulet, the amulet activates, giving Jim his armour and complete power as a Trollhunter. With renewed powers, he destroys the Fire Titan with the help of Toby and the un-magic generator. 

As Toby dies in the process, Jim figures the true meaning of Nari’s line and heaves the Excalibur against the Krohnisfere, to reset time and to redo everything for the good of all.

As the time is reset to Jim and Toby in high school, the scene leads to a plot twist where Toby finds the amulet, implying that he would have transformed into the Trollhunter.

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