Towela: Supa Team 4 character explained

In Supa Team 4, Towela is Mama K’s best friend and closest confidant, whose life gets ruined after facing Chusi. To this day, Mama K regrets the decisions they made together back then.

When Mama K worked for IAZ as a spy, she led a young, elite crime-fighting group. Towela was part of that group. Her codename was Imbwili, the Leopard.

Towela is an inventive genius. She and Mama K together invented Brainstorm, a device that was capable of retrieving information from one’s mind. They intended to use this device on a villain named Chusi, who had stolen top-secret government intel and deleted the documents after memorizing all the information.

After the creation of Brainstorm, Towela longed to be with her son, Limbani. She hoped to see him after defeating Chusi once and for all. However, some really hasty decisions ruined her and her son’s lives.

Where does Mama K’s team go wrong?

Once Brainstorm was created, the first step Mama K’s team had to follow was to deliver the device to IAZ first. They were required to wait for IAZ’s security at Mama K’s base.

However, they thought that if they waited, Chusi would get the news about the existence of Brainstorm. Furthermore, Mama K wanted Towela to reunite with her son as soon as she could. Towela looked forward to a weekend with her son too.

Hence, the team believed that they could handle the delivery on their own and left. On their way, Chusi showed up to steal the device. Mama K’s team fought Chusi to the best of their abilities. In the end, Chusi got his hands on Brainstorm.

Towela: Supa Team 4 character explained 1
Brainstorm is used on Towela

Chusi tried to use the device on Mama K, but Towela pushed her aside, and she ended up becoming the target. Brainstorm malfunctioned. Instead of retrieving information from Towela’s mind, it erased all of her life’s memories.

Mama K admits that it was a mistake on their side. They hadn’t tested Brainstorm at all. She agrees that what happened with the device was an accident, but they should have called for backup instead of fighting Chusi on their own, who escaped after erasing Towela’s memories.

What happens to Towela?

Mama K says that the hardest thing to do after this incident was to tell Towela’s son, Limbani, the truth about his mother. Mama K still remembers his eyes, and she wanted nothing more than to help Towela reunite with her son.

Following this incident, IAZ shut down Mama K’s operation, fearing that Chusi is still out there. They sent everyone into hiding. Mama K didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to her best friend.

IAZ covered everything up, and, to this day, Mama K doesn’t know what has become of Towela and her son, Limbani.

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