Supa Team 4 summary and ending explained

In Supa Team 4, Mama K, a retired spy, forms a super squad of four teenage girls to protect the city of Lusaka, Zambia, which starts facing unexpected attacks. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The neo-futuristic city of Lusaka is already suffering from blackouts because of load shedding. Now, a mysterious tornado is making its way to the city, becoming just another disaster battering it.

This same tornado later shows up during Kamiji Secondary School’s Science Fair. At a time like this, Komana, Zee, Monde, and Temwe attempt to save everyone they see in their sights.

Their talents are noticed by Mama K, who runs a fruit and vegetable stand in the city and is a retired spy for a top-secret government agency. Mama K contacts Kamiji Secondary School’s principal, Mr. Nkwashi, and asks these students to be her volunteers.

Mama K takes the girls to her underground headquarters and introduces her true self. She then reveals that the tornado that is wreaking havoc in Lusaka isn’t natural.

T.O.M.I., Technological Operations Management Interface, Mama K’s AI assistant, shows someone inside the tornado has created this calamity.

Mama K has been keeping an eye on four of these girls for a while now. She knows they are perfect to be part of her new elite super squad and stop whoever they are facing. The girls are offered supersuits and weapons. The only rule they have to follow is that of protecting their secret identity.

In their superhero forms, Komana is K-Bongo, the lover of knowledge. Zee is Za-Mpezi; she is fast like lightning. Monde is M-Kozo, the bringer of peace. Lastly, Temwe is T-Mlilo, who is full of fire. Together, they are called Team 4.

Zee, Monde, and Temwe are convinced and accept the offer. However, Komana backs out and prioritizes showing her invention to Mr. Magedzee, owner of Magedzee Power Corporation, to receive his scholarship.

Komana only joins them when the tornado reaches her father. Team 4 assembles and defeats Storm Drain, the villain responsible for the tornado. Hence, they accomplish their first mission, and the city takes note of the new heroes. Even a sinister entity that is keeping an eye on the city notices them.

Komana, Zee, Monde, and Temwe face problems of their own as they attempt to balance their lives as superheroes and normal teenagers. Temwe struggles with anger issues when she is hungry.

The girls help Temwe calm down, but during their battle with a villain named Locust Pocus, who uses robot bugs, they realize they need this angry side of Temwe. After defeating Locust Pocus, they promise to help Temwe balance her emotions.

Zee, on the other hand, gets full of herself when she becomes the center of all attention, as a student as well as a superhero. She attempts to go solo for once and eventually realizes why she needs to work with her team while facing Storm Drain again.

Monde, as a new transfer student, feels homesick. When she is trolled for messing up as part of a majorette, she fails to find support from her new friends. Monde goes solo too, but in the nick of time, her new friends come to aid her and assure her that they are there for her.

Amidst all of this, the girls continue to doubt that Mama K is hiding some things from them. Team 4 faces Alley Gator, a half-human and half-reptile creature, and when Storm Drain comes to Gator’s rescue, they realize that these two are working together.

Mama K also sees a mysterious drone observing the battle. However, she tries to keep this part of the investigation away from the team.

Mama K once taught the girls that hiding and lying only creates more problems. One should be brave and tell the truth. Keeping that in mind, they question Mama K about her past.

Supa Team 4 ending explained in detail:

Who is Chusi?

Years ago, when Mama K was a spy, she was the leader of an elite secret crime-fighting team for the Intelligence Agency of Zambia. Her codename was Mkango, the Lion. Her team included Chipembele, the Rhino, and her best friend, Towela, Imbwili, the Leopard.

Back then, they faced Chusi, the most elusive and dangerous criminal of his time. He had this ability to always appear out of nowhere and disappear right away.

Chusi was stealing top-secret intel and keeping all the secrets in his mind, all by memory. He would upload a file into his brain and then delete the original documents, leaving the government with nothing.

Mama K’s team invented a device called Brainstorm to retrieve these crucial pieces of intelligence from Chusi’s brain. However, the plan backfired on them.

Chusi showed up to steal that device. During the battle, Chusi put that device on Towela’s head and disappeared. The device erased all of Towela’s memories. Chipembele, on the other hand, lost his eyesight in an explosion when he came close to catching Chusi.

Mama K admits that it was a mistake on their part. They hadn’t tested the device. The operation was shut down immediately, and the team was sent into hiding. To this day, Mama K doesn’t know what has become of Towela and, especially, Towela’s son, who, in a way, lost his mother.

Is Chusi posing as Mr. Nkwashi?

Chusi disappeared, and crime levels fell after this operation. Mama K believed Chusi was gone. Now, she likes to think that he is back, considering how these villains are working together.

Hearing Chusi’s story and his ability to disappear out of nowhere makes Temwe suspect that Chusi is none other than their principal, Mr. Nkwashi. He always catches Temwe at the right time when she is goofing around outside of class.

When she gets caught again, Temwe leaves Mr. Nkwashi’s office after hearing a mouthful from him. She closes the door behind her and remembers that she forgot her snacks. When she opens the door again, she finds him missing.

Nobody believes Temwe’s theory, but Mama K does. She tries to test Mr. Nkwashi. While she is busy doing so, Team 4 finds themselves in trouble, and it is revealed that Mr. Magedzee, the owner of Magedzee Power Corporation, is orchestrating attacks on the city and is probably Chusi.

What happens to Team 4?

Team 4 continues to get into Magedzee’s plan to destroy Lusaka’s power sources. Magedzee tasks Professor Greenthumbs, who can control plants, to get intel on Team 4’s suits.

Professor Greenthumbs gets hold of Temwe’s gloves. Magedzee and Greenthumbs meddle with Temwe’s gloves. When Team 4 follows a trail to track Greenthumbs down, they reach Lusaka’s abandoned mines.

Greenthumbs shows up to fight. Team 4 brings out their weapons, but the weapons fail and lose energy. Team 4 tries to run. Greenthumbs catches them, and soon the suits of Team 4 are also shut down as they get kidnapped by Greenthumbs.

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