Tom Lockwood: You season 4 part 2 character explained

In the second part of You season 4, Joe meets Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood, who knows the real identity of Joe and what he has done. The character is played by Greg Kinnear.

Joe first heard about Tom Lockwood when he spent time with Phoebe and her friends at Hampsie. Kate’s friends called her out for pretending not to be like them.

Joe realized there is something he doesn’t know about Kate, who cleared up his confusion during a murder mystery game. Apparently, Kate is the wealthiest among her friends because of her father, Tom Lockwood.

Tom Lockwood is an activist investor, corporate raider, butcher, Attila, and Solomon who has a hand in almost every other industry. He is certainly one of the most powerful men in the world.

Joe didn’t find anything on her father because she doesn’t go by his name and has kept him away from herself because she doesn’t like how he makes money by stripping businesses and destroying workers’ lives for shareholders’ profits.

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Lockwood paid to have well-water toxicity reports falsified, due to which several children got cancer while his company made 400 million pounds. Kate likes to think that he is the worst person on the planet.

Joe meets Tom Lockwood

Joe is left to face Tom Lockwood after giving his relationship with Kate a chance. Joe does his research on the amoral CEO who runs T.R. Lockwood Corporation.

The research says Lockwood was a scholarship kid and an athlete. He was first in his class at everything. He became a CEO at the age of 26.

Joe also looked into the atrocities he has committed, and it turns out that all of these events are underreported. Joe is instead directed to the charity work Lockwood has done over the course of many years.

When Joe finally meets Tom Lockwood in person, Lockwood whispers Joe’s real name in his ear, suggesting that he knows who he is. After observing Lockwood for a while, Joe concludes that Kate was right: Lockwood is deceptively down-to-earth and even likable.

Tom Lockwood: You season 4 part 2 character explained 1
Tom warns Joe about hurting Kate

Kate leaves Lockwood and Joe alone to think about the offer her father has made her regarding a museum in her name. This allows Lockwood to get down to real business.

Lockwood questions Joe about Love and if he has killed her or anyone else. He warns Joe not to hurt Kate because then he will see the real Lockwood.

He then changes the subject and asks Joe about Rhys Montrose, who is a threat to Lockwood’s political interests; Lockwood is here to whip him out. Joe sees this as a chance to take care of Rhys by befriending Lockwood, who is far stronger than him or Rhys. Lockwood promises to protect Joe if he brings something real against Rhys to him.

How did Tom Lockwood control Kate all the time?

Lockwood offered Kate exactly what she desired at the right time, which is a museum in New York City. It will be curated by Kate and will be called the Lockwood Museum.

Kate can use Lockwood’s art that is sitting in the basement, and she can feature her emerging artists at this museum. While Joe saw this as a trick, Kate admitted it was true. This is exactly what she wants, and she almost said yes to him.

Kate later thinks about her relationship with Joe and decides to tell him the truth she has been hiding. She talks about the time she told him how her father gave cancer to several children for profit. 

The truth is, he didn’t; she gave them cancer. People called Kate a prodigy. Her father pushed her to become monstrous. 

Lockwood also offers his whole company to Kate. He even gets rid of Adam Pratt after learning that he is hurting Kate’s friend, Phoebe.

When Kate confronts her father and tells her about the life she has built without his constant interference, Lockwood explains how he has had a hand in every step of her life where she has been successful.

Lockwood pulled the strings to make sure Kate got the jobs she desired; he made lawsuits against her disappear and even saved her friends when they found themselves in trouble. Lockwood never stopped controlling Kate’s life after all. He kept her happy and safe.

Lockwood loves Kate the most out of his seven children because she is the only one who is not greedy. He then clarifies that he owns everything in the world, including her.

Lockwood’s death

Kate drinks a lot so that she can have the courage to tell Joe about her father. When Kate was around 18 or 19, she had just started working with him. She was boy-crazy back then, but for some reason, each and every boy that she dated just left her.

She later overheard that her father hired someone to follow her. Lockwood had files on every personal detail of Kate’s private life. Joe is told about how Kate’s father shaped and forcefully controlled her life.

This encourages Joe to kill Lockwood. All this time, Lockwood played the card of being the most dangerous man with connections. Even Joe intended to use Lockwood to get rid of Rhys, but now he believed that Lockwood needed to die.

Tom Lockwood: You season 4 part 2 character explained 2
Lockwood reminds Joe that they are alike

Joe confronts Lockwood, claiming that he will use the DNA on Rhys’ body against him. He ties Lockwood up and starts preparing. Lockwood manipulates Joe and even offers to send him back home with his true identity; Lockwood is that powerful. 

When he fails to buy Joe with money, Lockwood reminds Joe that they are alike. Joe is doing just what he has been doing for years, which is protecting Kate.

Joe then wastes no time in killing Lockwood right away. He pins the murder of Lockwood on a bodyguard that appeared while he interrogated Lockwood. He buries that bodyguard’s body somewhere no one can find.

Joe used the information online to figure out what Lockwood’s bank account details would be. It looked like his bodyguard was in a financial crisis, and that’s why he robbed Lockwood and forced him to transfer 2 million pounds into his bank account before disappearing.

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