Todd: Nimona character explained

In Nimona, Todd is a fellow knight who graduates from Ballister and Ambrosius’ institute class. Like most people, he isn’t happy about Ballister becoming a knight either.

Todd is more of a comic relief in Nimona, whose sarcasm makes him stand out. He is also a determined knight but, at the same time, is full of himself.

Much like the people of the realm, his displeasure against Ballister becoming a knight runs deep. He often bullies Ballister and calls him a charity case, not a real knight, to satisfy his ego.

It is also hinted that Todd is not the smartest character in the show. He jumbles words and yet tries to make his stand as if he is not in the wrong.

Todd’s spirit of a knight

Todd may not be one of the smartest knights there is, but he does have the spirit of a knight. When Ballister escapes prison after wreaking havoc at the Institute, he is one of the first knights to show his determination to hunt Ballister down.

Todd asks for permission to take the lead on this investigation. However, once Ambrosius, the direct descendant of Gloreth, speaks, the Director makes Ambrosius the leader.

Todd: Nimona character explained 1
Todd blames Ambrosius for Ballister’s escape

Todd, at times, driven by his determination, makes mistakes during the investigation. It’s because of Ambrosius that the knights keep coming close to catching Ballister.

Todd is also responsible for destroying the phone that had the video of the Director switching Ballister’s sword to frame him for the murder of the queen.

What happens to Todd at the end of Nimona?

Once Ballister learns that Nimona is the same monster Gloreth faced, he goes back home to confront Nimona. Todd follows him to the place, and though he misses Nimona, he makes sure to give Ballister a beating.

Consumed by hatred, Nimona turns into the monster everyone knows. Todd takes charge to kill Nimona. Before leaving, he lets Ballister know that if Nimona destroys their realm, it will be on him.

Todd leads his team toward Nimona. Once he gets close to her, he is left terrified. He backs off and runs away. After being calmed down by Ballister, Nimona saves the realm from the Director’s canon. Thus, she becomes a hero and proves everyone who thought she is a monster wrong, including Todd.

Todd is last seen paying his respects to Nimona near the wall dedicated to the new hero. He seems to have sustained a broken arm. Ballister sees Todd, who nods at Ballister, showing a sign of mutual respect.

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