Ambrosius Goldenloin: Nimona character explained

In Nimona, Ambrosius Goldenloin is the boyfriend of Ballister. He is one of the few people who believes Ballister is a deserving knight. Eugene Lee Yang voices Ambrosius Goldenloin.

Ambrosius Goldenloin is a promising knight who is a direct descendant of Gloreth. The people of the realm have high hopes for him, and they feel safe putting their future in Goldenloin’s hands.

When the whole kingdom questions Ballister’s competency, it’s Goldenloin who reminds him of his hard work and assures him that he is well-deserving. He promises that people will love him just like he does.

Things change between Goldenloin and Ballister during the knighting ceremony when the latter’s sword shoots the queen down. Goldenloin acts impulsively and cuts Ballister’s hand that is holding the sword.

Ballister is framed for the queen’s murder, and Goldenloin starts questioning if he really knows Ballister or not when he sees Ballister wreak havoc at the Institution with Nimona while escaping prison.

Goldenloin’s conflicted feelings

Goldenloin is questioned about the destruction caused by Nimona and Ballister at the Institution. Everybody knows Goldenloin was close to Ballister, and they wonder why he didn’t tell them about the animals he has.

Goldenloin, as a knight and descendant of Gloreth, prioritizes protecting his kingdom. He promises to bring Ballister in, and he does adhere to his duties.

Ambrosius Goldenloin: Nimona character explained 1
Goldenloin rants about his situation in front of the Director

Even when Ballister asks him to trust him, he doesn’t put his sword down since Ballister doesn’t have proof. People want him to be their protector, while Ballister is looking for trust.

What many don’t know is that Goldenloin is hurting inside. He never asked to be Gloreth’s descendant and feels empty with Ballister away, who now also has a new best friend in the form of Nimona.

What happens to Goldenloin at the end of Nimona?

Goldenloin is manipulated into thinking that Nimona is a threat to the kingdom. A scroll from the past that suggests Nimona is the monster Gloreth fought further confirms the realm’s fears.

Goldenloin tries to tell Ballister the same. In turn, Ballister confronts Nimona, who then becomes a monster for real after seeing her friend turn on her.

Ballister stops Nimona from killing herself, and Goldenloin realizes that they could be wrong about Nimona, who proves that she is innocent after saving the realm from the Director’s canon.

After Nimona’s possible death, Goldenloin is seen pursuing his relationship with Ballister in a world where Nimona is no longer a monster but a hero.

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