The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf ending explained: Becoming of Vesemir

The anime film, “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’ serves as the prequel to the Netflix Original series, ‘The Witcherand explores the origin story of Vesemir, Gerald’s mentor and fellow Witcher.

The film explores how young Vesemir urges to leave his poor fate and become a Witcher and explore the world.

“Nightmare of the Wolf” opens with a boy of noble blood witnessing the death of his father and three sisters by a monster known as a leshen. He meets a Witcher who kills it for him but takes the money from his dead father’s corpse.

Madam Gilcrest promises the now orphan justice for his leshen-slayed family, but her plea is denied in the favour of the Witcher, at the King’s court.

Titra (Madam Gilcrest) continues to find evidence to slay the Witchers. To her luck, two of them, Vesemir and his companion, kill two soldiers in a bar. However, they are actually instigated by a soldier. 

At the trial, Lady Zebrest suggests a middle ground — Titra and Vesemir hunt the monster terrorising the town together.

Who is the Witcher that killed the leshen in the beginning? What happens at the quest to hunt the monster?

Here is the ending of ‘Nightmare of the Wolf: The Witcher’ explained in detail:

Vesemir’s determination

The first introduction of young Vesemir in “Nightmare of the Wolf” is when he is clumsily helping his dad perform an exorcism on a lady. While retrieving the donkey to complete his task of buying blue gum, he meets the mischievous Illyana who is assigned to look after him. In a conversation with her, young Vesemir reveals his desire to leave the village and explore the world.

After stealing the herbs for the lady and buying a honey cake with the money they had, the duo ends up meeting a drunk man. Delgan, the drunken man, threatens to reveal their theft unless the children take him to the noblewoman.

Delgan exorcises the victim with Vesemir who decides to stay behind for the ritual. As the Witcher is leaving, young Vesemir expresses to leave but is denied.

After a fight with Illyana about his aspirations to become a Witcher, Vesemir leaves the village in the dead of the night. And thus starts training to become one. 

To achieve the title of a Witcher, young Vesemir has to go through trials that include surviving the monster-infused forest without proper protection. Upon his survival, he is given an injection of magical serums that enhances his abilities that are essential for the craft. 

The discovery of mutated monsters

Upon the King’s agreement to Lady Zerbst’s suggestion, it is revealed that she is actually Vesemir’s childhood friend and once lover, Illyana. We also learn that it was, indeed, Vesemir who killed the leshen in the beginning.

Vesemir and Titra leave for the quest together, much to their dismay. During a rest stop, Titra narrates a story about how the first Witcher came into being. 

They then find an illusion so powerful that it shocks themleading to a fight with Kitsu, an elf, and a monster companion. After the latter is dead, Kitsu escapes but not before getting injured by Vesemir’s knife.

To their utter confusion, Vesemir discovers the scent of a Mahr on the knife that stabbed Kitsu. On their hunt for the runaway elf, the duo finds his hideout reeking of dead female elves. They also find Vesemir’s elf acquaintance tied up. 

While exploring the hideout, they find Mahr’s essence on an experiment table. The same smell that Vesemir found on his knife. The unique elf, Kitsu, was infused with Mahr abilities.

After poking around a bit, they realise that only mages have the ancient knowledge of genetics and cross-breeding. Hence, it is revealed that the Witchers, themselves, have been engineering new monsters to survive and earn more money.

The Uprising

Lady Titra Gilcrest, a witch, never hides her hatred of Witchers, as they are not pure like her but magically enhanced. According to her, Witchers are selfish and money-hungry. Her hunches are proven right after the discovery of Kitsu’s lair. 

This enables the Pure Witch to further her agenda of Witcher abomination. With the permission of an enraged King, Titra gets a go for her plan to end the monster hunters once and for all. In cahoots with the one of a kind elf, Kitsu, she combines their powers for the uprising.

Overwhelmed by their own creation’s power, the Witchers struggle to survive and give their all to the fight. In a surprising display of manipulative powers, Kitsu gets into Vesemir’s mind with all the what-ifs he wanted with his first love Illyana or Lady Zerbst.

Overcoming the illusions, Vesemir ends up killing Titra and her companions in rage, only to find out that even his fight was a veil of a manipulative sham. Instead of the pure witch, he had stabbed Illyana and murdered his fellow Witcher companions.

In his moments of sadness, Titra goes to kill Vesemir but is killed by Delgan. After his mentor’s insistence, Vesemir sweeps Illyana off the ground and takes her to the lakeside. Lady Zebrest’s last moment is in front of her dream place.

With only four boys who escaped on Illyana’s insistence as survivors, Vesemir takes up the responsibility to make them Witchers. The animated prequel “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” ends with Vesemir giving a young Gerald and the rest of the kids their necklaces.

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