Sweet Girl ending explained: Do Ray and Rachel bring down BioPrime?

Netflix’s latest action thriller, Sweet Girl, led by Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced, showcases a saga of their revenge against a powerful pharmaceutical company, BioPrime.

The plot kicks off in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Amanda Cooper is suffering from final stages of cancer. However, the doctor treating her assures her husband, Ray (Momoa), and daughter, Rachel (Merced), that a new drug, Spero, that is highly effective against the disease is about to hit the market.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing of Spero is delayed indefinitely by BioPrime, the company responsible creating it. Devastated, Ray threatens to kill the company’s CEO, Simon Keeley (Justin Bartha) while he is on a live CNN debate with Congresswoman Diana Morgan.

Soon after, Amanda passes away, and six months go by as the father-daughter duo try to cope with a life without her. One day, Ray receives a phone call from a VICE reporter, Martin Bennett (Nelson Franklin), who claims that he has proof against BioPrime’s shady operations which also includes a business move that was responsible for Spero being pulled from the market.

Thinking about justice for Amanda, Ray discreetly meets Bennett inside a subway train but is closely tailed by Rachel. As the two talk, they are attacked by a hired hitman named Amo Santos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), who kills Martin and severely wounds Ray.

Further two years down the line, Ray is deep into research about BioPrime and Keeley, trying to find proof to bring down the entire company. He infiltrates a UNICEF fundraiser honouring Keeley, and manages to corner him to extract information. Threatened by the knife in Ray’s hand, Keeley admits that it is the company’s Chairman Vinod Shah (Raza Jaffrey) who signs-off all the bribes and paid killings.

In the tussle that follows, Ray kills Keeley in self defence and escapes. The FBI then gets involved and manage to come across Ray’s old interview threatening Keeley, and also find proof of his car being present at the fundraiser. Meanwhile, Ray and Rachel pack whatever they can and leave town.

They take a pitstop at a motel where Rachel secretly calls one of the FBI agents handling their case, Sarah Meeker (Lex Scott Davis) and tells her that what Ray did was in self-defence and they should stop looking for him. Meeker instantly feels like Rachel is a poor child who the victim and decides to help her, within the confines of the law.

The FBI puts out a countrywide search for the Coopers’ car license plate which is tagged at a toll booth near their motel. This sees two hired killers come after them but Ray manages to eliminate them and they elope again. This time Ray focuses on going after Shah and manages to corner him in a tunnel after an elaborate plan.

However, Santos shows up at the scene, murders Shah and targets the father-daughter duo but they manage to escape again. They abandon their car, steal a new vehicle and plan their next move. In a twist of fate, Rachel notices Santos’ vehicle parked outside a diner and Ray decides to go inside for a chat with their pursuer owing to a group of policemen sitting two tables away.

Does the conversation lead to something positive? Do Ray and Rachel bring down BioPrime?

Here is the Sweet Girl ending explained in detail:

Santos’ employer

As Ray and Rachel enter the diner, Santos is surprised to see this development. Ray sits next to him and demands to know why he killed Shah. He reveals that his contract comprises of eliminating anyone that may be at risk of unveiling BioPrime’s true workings.

Surprised, Ray realises that it wasn’t Keeley or Shah who hired the mercenary but someone else. He gives Santos three options on how the next phase of this story can play out. He can get the police involved and tell them about their true identities, causing trouble for everyone.

He can also use this opportunity to escape with Rachel and fly away to a secret corner of the world, slipping from the killer’s grasp or he could get Santos to tell him about his employer’s true identity so that when he goes after them, Santos can take a fair shot at killing him too.

The mercenary considers this offer and reveals that the person responsible for the hit is none other than Congresswoman Diana Morgan — the politician who claims to stand against huge private corporates and was on the live debate demeaning Keeley when Ray threatened him.

Ray, satisfied with the information, gets up to leave the diner, when Santos turns to Rachel and claims that he’ll see her soon in Pittsburgh.

Rachel’s truth

As the Coopers make their way back to Pittsburgh, the stolen vehicle is identified and the police start tailing them. They run into traffic due a football game ending, Ray gets out and runs into the stadium to evade the authorities.

He runs up to the roof of the stadium and reaches the edge where he is cornered. Agent Meeker then makes her way to Ray and asks him to remain calm, addressing him as Rachel.

This is where a major plot twist reveals itself. The person experiencing all these events is not Ray but Rachel. The real Ray died two years ago when he was stabbed by Santos in the train. Rachel, due to her trauma sees the course of these events from a third person perspective, imagining her dad carrying out her own plan.

Seeing no way out, Rachel jumps off the roof of the stadium and into the river below. However, she is rescued by the police and arrested by Meeker who puts her into an ambulance. Rachel wakes up and causes the vehicle to crash, escaping to go after Morgan.

The last stand

Rachel attends a rally featuring Morgan where the latter announces herself as an electoral candidate from Pittsburgh. She then sneaks into her office building where Santos ambushes her for a last stand.

The two fight it out and Rachel finally manages to eliminate the mercenary. She then confronts Morgan and threatens her to reveal the truth as she records it. Morgan admits that she took a bribe from BioPrime and put out the hit on Bennett which also resulted in Ray’s death.

After she gets the confession, Rachel, instead of killing the politician, leaves and sends the voice recording to Agent Meeker. She then packs her belongings and boards a plane to an unknown destination as the FBI arrest Morgan in connection with the deaths and the BioPrime scandal.

The film ends with a monologue from Momoa’s character where he exclaims that the bond between parents and their children is so strong that sometimes you do not know where one ends and the other begins.

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