The Way of the Househusband season 2 ending explained: Does Tatsu rejoin the Yakuza?

Tatsu, a former yakuza strong man turned househusband, continues to have his daily escapades documented in season 2 of The Way of the Househusband. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

While camping, Tatsu, Miku, and Masa eat the greatest meal prepared by both Tatsu and his opponent Torajirou.

Tatsu takes a flower arrangement class from Kitagawa and then enters the women’s club by working hard to be admitted into the women’s club.

Masa, Miku, and Tatsu exchange frightening tales. When Tatsu’s turn comes, he relates a tale about a time when he ordered crabs due to his craving after seeing a television commercial for them.

When the ordered shipment arrives, he opens the freezer to discover that he had previously purchased the same item but forgotten about it. The incident haunted Tatsu which he considered to be the scariest thing that had ever occurred to him.

Tatsu and Masa remove the weed from Tatsu’s landlord’s garden. As though they were battling as members of the Yakuza organisation, they attempted to remove every blade of grass from their roots.

When several elderly folks inform Tatsu that fewer people are visiting their stores to purchase their wares, he attempts to assist them.

The story concludes with a scene of Tatsu taking his cat, Gin, to a vet clinic a year prior to have him neutered.

The Way of the HouseHusband Season 2 ending explained in detail:

How does the women’s group welcome Tatsu?

Tatsu is invited to join the women’s club as they have decided to make sure men also join their groups. Tatsu is taken to meet the leaders of the 8 women’s groups in town while they are holding a board meeting. 

Tatsu feels intimidated by the ‘8 Dragons’ since he learns that they are all experienced housewives. Tatsu displays his culinary prowess, which dazzles several of the female leaders. 

Kitagawa, however, rejects Tatsu’s request to join the association.

Tatsu admits his vulnerability and asks for the group’s acceptance and guidance before pledging his dedication to them. To gain elegance and grace, Tatsu eventually enrols in Kitagawa’s flower arrangement class.

After the training, Tatsu’s etiquette and the way he serves tea to the women leaders show that he has undergone a full transformation. Finally, Kitagawa hails Tatsu as ‘Tatsu, The Table Setter’ and welcomes him to the women’s club.

How does Tatsu encourage Suzu to eat vegetables?

At a park, Tatsu runs across Suzu’s mother, who begs him to assist her in getting Suzu to eat some veggies. Suzu detested vegetables and was adept at identifying them in food. 

Tatsu combines all the vegetables and makes the meal resemble Suzu’s favourite food, a hamburger patty.

When the food is presented to Suzu, she immediately spots every vegetable, mainly the carrot. The discovery that Suzu had extraordinary scent sensibilities startled and amazed Tatsu.

When Tatsu tells her a made-up, depressing tale about a lonely carrot which alters Suzu’s perspective on carrots, she accepts to eat the carrot.

What happens during Tatsu and Torajiyou’s battle of beetle bugs?

Two little boys incite an argument between Tatsu and Torajoyou in a park over some beetle bugs.

They make an effort to prove that the beetle insect they claim has superior strength and the ability to outmatch the other beetle bugs.

They try to induce the beetle bugs to fight each other once each of them is successful in obtaining the ones they had pledged to have. The bugs eventually leave in search of a quiet area.

Does Tatsu become the ‘Immortal Dragon’ again?

Tatsu never gave up being a househusband despite facing several challenges. Tatsu is so in love with Miku that he only panics when she is in danger or under some stress. 

He tries his hardest to keep Miku content with him. He even remembers and treasures the day he first met Miku and how she carried him when he was weak after a battle since he was a Yakuzi.

Even though he performs his duties as a Yakuzi for the most part as a househusband, he has never desired to rejoin the gang and continue to be known as the ‘Immortal Dragon’.

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