The Umbrella Academy season 3 summary and ending explained

The Umbrella Academy season 3 follows the dysfunctional siblings as they return to the present day, realising that the timeline has been altered. The new season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After the events of season 2, The Umbrella Academy siblings are back in the present day but discover that they have been replaced in the current timeline by The Sparrow Academy.

The new academy’s members are #1 Marcus, #2 Ben (a different version), #3 Fei, #4 Alphonse, #5 Sloane, #6 Jayme and #7 Christopher (a literal cube).

They beat The Umbrella Academy and Reginald Hargreeves reveals he adopted a different set of siblings after his encounter with The Umbrella Academy in the past.

A mysterious ball of energy is created in the basement of The Sparrows after the arrival of the out-of-time siblings.

Marcus is absorbed by the energy before he can honour a deal with Vanya, now Viktor, to return their time-travel briefcase. The Sparrows believe that The Umbrella Academy took him as revenge for the beating.

Klaus goes to find his real mother, but he and Five figure out that she died before his birth. After some digging up, it’s revealed that all their mothers died in the current timeline before their birth, which means they don’t exist.

Allison is startled after realising that her daughter, Claire, doesn’t exist in this timeline because of this. Luther is kidnapped by The Sparrows as revenge but starts a romance with Sloane.

The energy has started taking lives and was created due to the grandfather paradox. The Umbrella Academy members shouldn’t exist because their mothers died, but since they do, the anomaly has created a mini black hole.

Lila retrieves their briefcase. She and Five take a trip to the commission to understand how to fix this.

Allison and Viktor are unaware and try to get the briefcase from The Sparrows, but they ambush them and have them pinned. Before they can be killed, an old man arrives and pushes them back, killing Jayme and Alphonse.

The man is revealed to be Harlan, the boy that Viktor accidentally gave powers to back in season 2.

She decides to save him and take his powers back even after he tells her that he accidentally killed their mothers as he found their trace inside them and tried to make contact but lost control.

Five and Lila find the commission in tatters. They locate a bunker made for The Commission’s founder, who turns out to be a version of Five himself.

He warns Five about Oblivion and tells him whatever happens, not to save the world. After this, he dies. Five cuts out a mysterious symbol from his skin.

Lila claims she has a son with Diego named Stanley, who accidentally kills Klaus. The latter realises he has died many times in his life and always comes back. He also has a chat with his mother, who gives him crucial hints, before returning to the world.

The Umbrella Academy wants to give Harlan to The Sparrows, who want revenge on him before they work together to stop the ‘Kugelblitz’, which is the name of the black hole. 

Viktor sneaks him away instead, and Alisson helps him. The siblings are disappointed with the route Viktor chose. Five traces the symbol to a biker cult, where he finds Pogo.

Pogo was banished from the academy because he did not want to risk the lives of The Sparrows due to Reginald’s plan; Project Oblivion. He gave the pills to them to subdue Reginald and save them.

Inside Hotel Obsidian, where The Umbrella Academy had taken shelter, there is a portal that Stanley accidentally enters. Diego and Lila follow him, but some mysterious fighter cuts off his fingers. They escape and find Stanley unharmed.

Lila reveals that Stanley isn’t their son, and she was just testing if he would make a good father as she is pregnant with their child. They get back together as well.

Klaus starts to bond with Reginald. Harlan successfully gives his powers back to Viktor, but when Allison figures out that he killed their mothers, and indirectly Claire, she kills him and gives him to The Sparrows.

Reginald takes Klaus on a trip to train his powers, letting him die in accidents repeatedly. The time interval before his returns shortens constantly before he can return in an instant.

Viktor has a fight with Allison, who blames him for lying and destroying the world repeatedly.

The Sparrows and Umbrellas work together to seal the Kugelblitz inside Christopher, which initially works, much to their joy.

When Fei wants to kill the rest now, Ben says he still has a plan. Christopher loses control and Fei dies as the Kugelblitz comes back out, taking the entire academy.

The only sparrows left are Ben and Sloane. All move to Hotel Obsidian as the world crumbles. Five suggests that they accept their fate and do whatever they wish. Luther and Sloane decide to get married at this time.

Reginald arrives with Klaus with a plan to save the world but is rejected by everybody. The wedding goes through and all the siblings have a good time as an actual family. Five gets drunk and witnesses Reginald making a deal with someone at the hotel.

With all the remaining survivors present, Reginald reveals that there is a portal inside the Hotel which holds the key to resetting the universe. But this dimension is protected by Guardians to prevent wrong use of it.

They all take a vote and reach a deadlock. Five’s vote decides whether they go into the portal or not. Remembering the words of his old self back in the commission, he decides against it.

With his plan unsuccessful, Reginald takes drastic measures. He kills Luther, knowing that the remaining members would unite to avenge him, believing that the guardian killed him. 

With the world about to end, they enter the portal, but Reginald betrays Klaus and leaves him behind. He dies as well.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown:

The Umbrella Academy season 3 ending explained in detail: (Episode 10: Oblivion)

The Hotel’s mystery

As the siblings gear up for a battle with the guardians, Five talks to Viktor about Reginald’s plan, and they figure out that Allison was the one he made a deal with.

In Klaus’ world of the dead, Luther attempts to convince him that he needs to return and tell them about their father’s ill intentions.

The siblings are split into three teams. Sloane, Ben and Reginald, Five, Viktor and Allison. Lila and Diego.

Tricking all of them, Reginald stays behind and rings the bell that calls forth the guardians. The siblings figure out that the hotel is changing shape and they get separated from each other.

Find the Sigil

The fights start to break out. One of the guardians attacks Diego and Lila, but they manage to escape.

Klaus arrives back in the world, fascinating Reginald. But declaring that he is too close to achieving his goal, he hits him on the head.

Ben, Five and Sloane team up to take out one guardian. Lila mimics Viktor’s powers to defeat another one.

As all of them regroup in the lobby, Klaus informs them about how Reginald decided to sacrifice him and Luther.

But Reginald remains adamant that they can save the universe by resetting it. The group realises that there is a guardian with a sickle left.

As Five figures out that the sigil is on the floor, the guardian attacks him and takes one of his arms.

The siblings all stand on a separate star, but Reginald stops Allison from standing on one. Five barely makes it by using his teleportation power.

Reginald’s true intentions

Activating the sigil completely transforms the room. Reginald reveals that whoever created the universe, made this machine to reset it in case something goes wrong.

However, the machine consumes particles inside the bodies of the siblings to run. Allison is concerned about hurting them and urges him to stop but he says they’ll both get what they wanted when he’s done.

When he doesn’t listen, she kills him. Despite the siblings telling her not to, Allison touches the button for reset.

The universe is back to normal, but with drastic changes. Allison finds Claire and her husband from the past, Raymond, both in the same time period, even though he had originally died in 2010 after growing old.

The siblings are all alive, including Luther and Klaus, but have lost their powers. As Sloane is missing, Luther goes to find her, as they all part ways to figure this out.

Reginald is revealed to be alive and re-wrote the universe to be the ruler of Earth. Abigail Hargreeves, his wife who died in the past on a different plant, as shown in season 1, is now alive and with him. His true plan all along was to revive his dead wife.

In a mid-credits scene, the Ben from this universe is shown to be alive, existing alongside The Sparrows’ Ben.

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