The Tailor summary & ending explained

The Tailor follows a famous man of titular profession, his abusive best friend, and the fiancée who escapes captivity to end up at the other man’s household.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After visiting his grandfather’s funeral back at his hometown, famous tailor Peyami returns to Instanbul with the rest of the family and a secret. Meanwhile, his best friend Dimitri houses a terrible secret of his own — his fianceé Esvet, who he abuses and holds captive.

After Esvet escapes captivity, she arrives at Peyami’s home as Firuz, a caregiver of his mentally challenged father, Mustafa. Grandmother Sülün insists that she marry Mustafa but Peyami prevents that from happening.

Dimitri’s family visits Peyami’s household to have dinner, as Dimiti continues to spiral into madness over Esvet and make a scene. Meanwhile, Firuz’s negligence nearly lets Peyami’s secret out. Afterwards, Peyami fires her.

Esvet nearly gets recaptured but barely manages to escape again. She returns to Peyami’s house and accepts Sülün’s proposal, as Dimitri makes Faruk’s life terrible for Esvet escaping. Meanwhile, Peyami discovers Firuz’s real identity.

Dimitri feels something suspicious is going on with Peyami but can’t quite add two and two together. This leads to Peyami take some drastic measures. Later, during a dress fitting, Peyami and Firuz/Esvet get intimate.

Meanwhile, Sülün confirms her suspicions about Firuz and Dimitri finds out the real reason why his father Ari has been so intently looking for Esvet now. He also puts it all together and realizes where his fianceé has been hiding all along.

He invites Peyami to meet him at the ranch and bring Esvet along. Peyami confronts him and asks him to let go of Esvet. A maniacal Dimitri beats him up before pointing a gun at him, leading to the ultimate confrontation that leads to tragedy, as The Tailor episode 7 rolls the credits.

The Tailor ending explained in detail:

Why does Peyami keep Mustafa a secret?

Peyami was born to Mustafa and Kiraz, with his mother leaving the home sometime during his infancy. Mustafa, who has a mental capacity of a child, behaves like a kid too.

This condition of his becomes bigger and bigger of any eyesore for Peyami as he grows up. At the school, everyone teases him for being the son of the “Madman.”

Peyami doesn’t like his father for who he is, and feels ashamed to be his son. He’s so revolted by this that he wishes to get away from his father and go away somewhere, also expressing the same to his grandfather.

He does go away too, starting his education in Instanbul, where Dimitri soon becomes a brother-like best friend. When his grandfather passes away, it falls upon Peyami to take care of the surviving family members, who all come to live with him in Instanbul, including Mustafa.

Peyami ensures that he doesn’t leave the house and that no one ever gets to learn about him, or the nature of his relationship to him, signifying clearly that he’s still deeply ashamed of his relationship with his father.

Such is the extreme nature of his visceral repulsion to Mustafa, that Peyami immediately goes haywire with his creative process that’s usually always at its A-game.

Throughout The Tailor, he’s shown to have a sort of panic attack every now and then, likely associated to the traumatic memories of the difficult times he spent with Mustafa, and he often suffers from these episode, where his hands start shaking and voices overwhelm his brain.

Who is Peyami’s mother?

Peyami doesn’t know about his mother until after his grandfather dies, and leaves a note for him on which he reveals the location of the box where he’s kept all his secrets.

In the box is a photograph at the back of which is written legally binding confirmation of sorts. It talks about a woman named Kiraz Dokumaci relinquishing the custody of her son to the Dokumaci patriarch at that time.

Peyami learns that Kiraz was his mother who had then left the household after he was born, handing his custody to his grandfather. However, the nature of her marriage to Mustafa is hinted at by Sülün, who talks about it being similar to what Firuz/Esvet must do too.

This implies that Kiraz was Mustafa’s caregiver too, and during her tenure, she got impregnated by him, leading to the birth of Peyami. Not wanting to move ahead with this relationship, either Kiraz or the Dokumaci withdrew from it, leading to Kiraz relinquishing the custody of her son.

In the present day, Peyami tries his best to find his mother again, convincing a man named Osman to find her. This is the same man who was standing beside her in her wedding photo. Peyami sneaks out every night to go play the Ney with a band, as his grandfather used to play.

Osman has a son suffering from a terminal disease, and Peyami financially helps him too, unbeknownst to Osman. Meanwhile, at his performance before the finale of The Tailor season 1, not only Esvet is there, but also his mother Kiraz, who refuses to meet him, telling Osman it’s only for his own good.

Why does Ari want to find Esvet?

Ari is the father of Dimitri and spends most of the runtime of The Tailor deriding his unruly and psychopathic son. He says earlier on that he’s only concerned about Esvet and not his son, expressing feat at the throught of what his son will do to his fiancée.

However, later on, he becomes truly dedicated to finding her. He even makes Faruk the Director of Purchasing, instead of Dimitri, but his son realizes that he’s upto something, but can’t quite understand why he would so relentlessly try to find Esvet.

He eventually does find out the reason, and it surprises him in the best way possible. Tapping into his parents’ conversation, Dimitri learns that Esvet owns half of his family properties and assets.

Ari also talks about how they’re keeping all of it from Esvet and how her marrying Dimitri would get rid of this problem, meaning all of her inherited wealth would be theirs to eventually grab.

Earlier in The Tailor, a younger Lia and Ari are shown dropping off an infant Esvet at the doors of the Greek Orphanage. This means that they knew of her parentage and when she got orphaned, they saw an easy way to overnight success and opulence.

They took over Esvet’s inhertied money, and later on, Faruk and Irini would adopt Esvet from the orphanage. Ari now seeks total takeover of the properties and assets that once belonged to Esvet’s parents.

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