The relationship between Karla & Abdullah in Shantaram explained

Abdullah paid Karla an unexpected visit in the sixth episode of Shantaram, and both the characters ended up hinting at the relationship they once had and the one they have now.

Lin had tried to shove Karla away at Reynaldo’s, worrying about his passport situation. In order to redeem himself, he asked her for lunch at her place the next day.

Though Lin didn’t show up, an unexpected guest arrived in the form of Abdullah, who spent the last few days digging dirt on Minister Pandey.

Khader Khan has been trying to bring Pandey down using a weak spot, and Abdullah dropped by to inform Karla about a development.

As he walked around her place, they talked about how things once were between them, revealing intimate details about their relationship.

Were Karla and Abdullah once together?

Abdullah picks up one of the samosas from the table and claims that he had almost forgotten their taste. He also notices how she has filled her house with more books before informing her about Minister Pandey’s affair.

Abdullah also found his old shirt at Karla’s place and wondered why she kept all of his stuff. He questioned if she ever thought that one day he would come back and things would go back to normal again.

The relationship between Karla & Abdullah in Shantaram explained 1
Karla confesses that she likes Abdullah as her brother

Karla suggests she isn’t worried about him and also hints that there was a time when they were lovers, but now she feels safer around him as his sister.

Even Abdullah agrees, saying that he is honored to call her a sister.

He proceeds to ask her about his other brother, Lin, and if they are a thing. He eventually assumes that it’s Lin who stood her up at lunch.

It seems like Karla really trusts Abdullah as her brother, as she told him about Maurizio carrying out his heroin deals in Khader Khan’s territory.

She doesn’t care about Maurizio but wants Lisa to be safe, who works with him, knowing that Khader Khan won’t spare anyone, once he figures it out.

Abdullah, in return, gives back the trust she has shown in him and assures her that he will take care of it without Khader Khan ever finding out about it.

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