Shantaram season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Dead Man Walking

The sixth episode of Shantaram sees Lin working to get a new passport, only to find himself in trouble when he tries to save Didier from the cops. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A glimpse into Lin’s past reveals how he became a dog in Pentridge Prison, which forced him to break out and relocate to Bombay.

In the present, Lin brings Prabhu along to meet Kavita and to apologize for the way he acted the last time they met when she asked whether she could cover his story as a news item.

Prabhu convinces Kavita why the people of Sagar Wada will be crushed if she covers Lin’s story of helping the poor as a doctor. Kavita acts like she understands their situation, but she is playing around to make sure Lin doesn’t run away.

She knows there is something that he is hiding and wants him to stick so that she could dig further.

Even Lin is aware that Kavita won’t let this story go that easily and decides to get a new passport and leave. Prabhu, on the other hand, is a bit disappointed as he will miss Lin.

Prabhu finds happiness elsewhere in the form of Parvati, who confesses that even she wants to marry him, with or without her parent’s blessings.

Meanwhile, Lisa learns from Modena that Maurizio is getting all the heroin from Zhou, which he is selling in Khader Khan’s territory.

Lisa is terrified by Zhou’s name, but Modena comforts her. Later at Reynaldo’s, Karla wonders what Maurizio is up to, and Didier lets her know about his business.

Karla goes upfront to borrow Lisa from them. They agree that if Lisa keeps Karla’s relationship with Khader Khan a secret, Karla will not tell Khader Khan about them selling heroin on his turf.

Lin approaches Didier to get his passport done. They are interrupted by Karla, and Lin kind of shoves her away.

A disappointed Karla leaves the premises but is followed by Lin, who apologizes to her. He vows to make things right at lunch the next day.

At night, Didier is chased by the boyfriend of the man he was trying to hook up with. He comes across cops, and they arrest him for being homosexual.

Lin hustles with Prabhu to earn money in order to get himself a passport. When he fails to gather enough of it, he sells the bike Khader Khan and Abdullah gifted him.

When he comes back to Reynaldo’s, he finds Didier missing. Didier calls Reynaldo’s reception and tells Lin where he is. Though Lin doesn’t want trouble with the cops, he needs a passport, and Didier, after all, is his friend.

Vikram knows his way around cops and agrees to accompany Lin to save Didier. They retrieve money from Didier’s house and leave for the police station.

With that, Karla is left waiting for Lin and is paid a visit by Abdullah instead. Abdullah spent the entire day digging some dirt on Minister Pandey and found out that he is having an affair.

Abdullah and Karla talk about the relationship they had, and the latter is encouraged to tell him about the dealings Maurizio is carrying out in Khader Khan’s territory.

All Karla wants is for Lisa to be safe. Abdullah assures that he will take care of it and won’t let Khader Khan know.

Back at the police station, Lin and Vikram talk things out with the cops until one of them recognizes Lin. The cop claims Lin had beaten him and escaped from his grip a while back.

This matter forces Lin and Vikram to pay a lot more than they had planned to get Didier out. Didier, in exchange for Lin’s help, promises to make his passport in two days for free.

Amidst all of this, Raheem, the man who is buying heroin from Maurizio, offers him a better price if he gets a night with Lisa. Though Modena is reluctant, he agrees.

Lisa does too, but she asks for 10% of the profit they will make if she plays her part.

Prabhu celebrates with Parvati by taking her to the theater, but she faints while watching the film. He brings her back to Sagar Wada so that Lin can treat her, only to find him missing.

Nishant informs Kavita that he has contacted his uncle, who is with the CBI, to get access to the Interpol red notices on foreign fugitives to see if Lin’s name is there.


  • The episode captures how the people Lin has met in Bombay have become important to him. Even people like Didier and Prabhu are too close to him now.
  • The show is doing a great job of giving importance to supporting characters like Abdullah and Kavita. Though a bit late, things are mixing up really well.
  • Another character that was introduced in the premiere, but didn’t get his due until now is Vikram. Hopefully, there is more to him than just being another add-on.
  • Lastly, Modena allowing Maurizio to offer Lisa to their client was a bit disappointing. Anyway, this brings things into a circle as Lisa is making her own money but she is doing one thing Karla told her not to do.
Shantaram season 1 episode 6
Shantaram season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Dead Man Walking 1

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