The Red Bunker in Luther: The Fallen Sun explained

David Robey carries out his grand evil plan inside the red bunker in Luther: The Fallen Sun before ultimately being thwarted by John Luther.

From the offset, David Robey appears to have a vast network of resources and he uses them to carry out his crimes. He has an Estonian colleague who oversees a room filled with tech experts who tap into all the technology in people’s homes.

They take advantage of this era of technology to surveil hundreds and thousands of individuals and document their troubles and errors. He then uses these weaknesses to dominate people and gain access to them.

John arrives at this revelation following the mass suicide at Picadilly Circus orchestrated by David. He tells Odette that David is using blackmail to pick out his victims.

A sick and twisted red room

David keeps constant contact with his colleague who shares a teaser on the dark web promising blood and guts and gore to people who enjoy that stuff.

After John and Odette meet Georgette, they learn all about his plan and John informs Martin that David is setting up a “Red Room”. Martin says that a red room is an ancient myth but John insists that in this case it is real.

The Red Bunker in Luther: The Fallen Sun explained 1
David has a trailer to promote the Red Bunker

A red room is a a place where people are tortured and the entire thing is broadcasted online on the darkweb for other people’s enjoyment. John and Odette eventually reach the location in Norway where David has set it up but they end up being the first attractions.

David introduces the place as the “red bunker” to his audience before getting things underway but John eventually tells the viewers that the authorities are tracking their IP address and working towards shutting it down soon enough, which they ultimately do.

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