David Robey: Luther: The Fallen Sun character explained

John Luther faces a new enemy in the form of David Robey in Luther: The Fallen Sun as the investigator is once again pushed to action. Andy Serkis portrays the character.

David Robey is a wealthy man with a terrible affliction for exerting his dominance on others by threatening to expose their deepest and darkest sins and desires.

He kidnaps young Callum Aldrich and then murders him along with many other individuals and then taunts John who is in prison thanks to David’s efforts.

There is not much information about David initially and even if his name is revealed much later as John and Odette work together to discover his motivations.

David Robey: Luther: The Fallen Sun character explained 1
David Robey sets up a Red Room for his evil plan

A troubled individual

David visits a woman at a care facility who is covered in severe burns and he taunts her with news reports of the missing people that he’s kidnapped. He is initially surprised when John confronts him at Picadilly Circus and that pushes him to kidnap Anya.

John visits Callum’s mother Corinne and points out to her that due to David’s nature, he would have reached out to her and pretended to be a kind-hearted person supporting her when in reality, he’s deriving pleasure from her pain.

His meeting with Corinne helps Odette learn that he contacted the other relatives of his victims as well, and even though he used aliases with each of them, he used the same backstory of losing his wife in a fire.

Using that clue, Odette finally learns David’s name and what he was accused of. When she meets John, she tells him that David was accused of sexual assault on his wife Georgette but was never convicted.

Soon after, Georgette was burned in a fire, where arson was suspected. John and Odette zero in on the fact that Georgette is David’s weak link and it’s through her information that they find out where he is and use her name to unsettle him into abandoning his plans.

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